Fluix Success Story

Henry Schein Enhanced Mobility With Fluix

Henry Schein was looking to take their workflows mobile and, as a result, was in the midst of testing PDF annotation apps. App after app proved to be inadequate with key functionality missing from each one. And then Henry Schein discovered Fluix, and found an app that not only fulfilled all their needs but became an essential part of their daily operations.

Henry Schein Success Story

Henry Schein, Inc., a FORTUNE 500® company, is the largest provider of health care products and services to medical, dental, and veterinary office-based practitioners. The company is ranked number 1 in its industry in social responsibility and global competitiveness.

“Having compared Fluix with many other business applications for the iPad, we realized that this tool had every key functionality we were looking for.”

Why Henry Schein chose Fluix?

A great tool for meeting company needs

In Henry Schein’s industry, being paperless and mobile was strategically important, and to succeed, Henry Schein needed a single tool that could electronically manage their huge repository of PDFs. Their requirements were simple:

  1. Be available on iPads
  2. Use existing PDF content
  3. Enable quick form filling
  4. Securely capture digital signatures

Fluix met all these needs and thus became a core business tool.

Extensive, yet easy to use, functions

In addition to meeting their requirements, Fluix had the added benefit of being a simple, but powerful, tool. Fluix brought an intuitive front-end to the mobile user side, while its administrative portal made it effortless to manage documents and user access. Its extensive editing tools were easily learned by sales agents and made adoption of the app very quick.

“With Fluix, we felt that we bought not only a great product, but rather a fullscope service. From the initial sales contact, through the launch, the Readdle team has been available for any questions or assistance. Overall, we’re extremely happy with this business partnership.”

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