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Manage health & safety documentation with Fluix

(See the end of this post for free OSHA incident reporting forms and accident/incident report form template.)

Documentation is an essential element of any effective on-site health and safety program. We’ll never escape the need to create and manage documents involving safety policies, job risks and hazards that are identified, and ongoing employee safety training. Safety documents are important for accountability and legal compliance

But even with all the requirements for health and safety risk assessment, ILO (International Labour Organization) conservatively estimates that over 2 million fatalities occur every year in workplaces

If you’re an expert in health and safety in an organization with field employees — for example, utilities, HVAC, energy, construction — this should be your #1 priority: eliminating injuries and illnesses. You need more time spent on employee training, providing employee feedback, and eliminating hazards to ensure on-site health and safety, and less time pushing papers around. But you also need a process for safety management that ensures you are fully in compliance with health and safety laws at the same time. 

Fluix makes this process extremely efficient for both field leaders as well as safety managers, risk analysts, and executives. 

In short, with Fluix, safety leaders can be 100% paperless while: 

  1. Managing ongoing, required regulatory documents that track all injuries and illnesses.
  2. Enabling field managers to report incidents instantly, including executive alerts for extreme health and safety incidents. 
  3. Conducting job risk assessments, job hazard analyses, and all other safety and health evaluations, including COVID-19 checks
  4. Extracting data from all of the above submissions for benchmarking and exporting to other software systems in real-time or on-demand. 

Submitting OSHA and Other HSE Forms

In the U.S. the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides federal regulations regarding safety policies and practices. In Canada, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) does the same. In the United Kingdom, it is the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). And in the European Union, the OSH Framework Directive puts in place health and safety regulations for member countries. 

Each organization has its own regulations, forms, and resources that make up its directives and regulations for private companies to follow in order to provide the highest level of employee safety. 

As one example, in the U.S. OSHA has three forms in particular that virtually all companies with 10 or more employees must manage and/or submit. The OSHA 300, the 300A, and the 301. 

Fluix customers upload fillable versions of these OSHA forms into their Fluix account to use with fully customized workflows. Whether you’re a single safety director needing to manage the process or one of a team of regional safety managers, the process is entirely digital and real-time, with never a risk of lost paperwork or missed deadlines on reporting.

OSHA 300 form
OSHA form 300

Conducting All Forms of Health & Safety Assessments

Fluix customers also conduct a variety of health and safety assessments every day quickly and efficiently. On-site managers complete individual job risk assessments (JRAs) and job hazard analyses (JHAs), ergonomic evaluations, site safety inspections, and more, on iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. 

job hazard analysis checklist
Job hazard analysis checklist

For organizations that have been paper-based for decades, PDFs are used which retain the same look and feel (and therefore virtually no learning curve) but provide for digital submission via Fluix’s iOS app. 

For organizations just getting started with digital transformation, you can partner with Fluix to create new reporting forms from scratch. 

Reporting Injuries & Illnesses in Real-Time with Notifications

We also have some customers who use regulatory forms, some who import their preexisting forms, and some who use simple injury and illness incident reporting forms like this one to allow managers to quickly report injuries and illnesses to proper internal parties in real-time. (Special note: this free form was created in just minutes with Fluix’s PDF Builder). 

safety incident reporting form
Safety incident reporting form

A field manager fills out the form immediately, it’s routed to all relevant parties, and email alerts are sent to others as necessary. 

This is a major benefit of Fluix, as you can ensure that all required information is transmitted when forms are used with required fields. You can also set email alerts to be triggered when specific fields meet certain criteria — for example, when emergency medical services are required and hospitalizations result. 

dataset notification email
An example of a dataset notification email

As with all workflows in Fluix, the documents and data are secure in our platform, and you can configure workflows to follow your organization’s rules for notification and collaboration, no matter the scale or urgency. 

Data Extraction for Safety Benchmarking

Our customers also enjoy the benefits of data extraction from their PDF forms, where selected field data is aggregated for download as CSV or Excel files, or pushed to Power BI or Tableau in real-time.

dataset customizing
Customizing data collection in Fluix

As we’ve said before, documents are for audits, data is for decision-making. An effective on-site health and safety program doesn’t just assemble documents in an archived folder, whether digital or not. Good programs require smart and efficient decisions, which require data. 

Every safety and health form processed in Fluix can send data exactly where you need it, including third-party software that accepts HTTP requests. 

In short, every aspect of required safety documentation can be handled more efficiently in Fluix than in most dedicated safety management software systems. We’re a flexible, lightweight productivity platform that is user-centric.

Let’s partner to digitize and streamline your safety management processes and automate your document workflows. 

Free Bonuses:

Download fillable OSHA forms (US)

Download sample job hazard analysis

Download sample safety incident reporting form

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