Kate Katrachenko

Senior Account Executive

Kate Katrachenko is a Senior Account Executive at Fluix. Her journey into recognizing the significance of digital transformation began in 2013 when she participated in government social projects focused on digitizing document flows. Since joining Fluix, her conviction in the digital future has only strengthened, merging with the sustainability concept. Kate mostly writes about renewable energy and smart field operations, nurturing hope for a world powered by clean energy sources.

On her LinkedIn account, Kate shares renewable energy trends and updates, building a community around the subject. As an account manager, she regularly interacts with people, gaining first hand insights into their hopes and expectations for the digital future.

On her Instagram, Kate shares her thoughts on music, DJ sets, cinema, as well as topics like career changes, women in tech, and social proactivity. She also takes on the responsibility of curating music for every office party being held.