Legacy Is Our Way of Operating, Not Just
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At Hoffer Pest Solutions, we are experts in providing local pest control, termite control and lawn care services to residential and commercial customers. As a family-owned and operated company, we know just how special family is – that’s why we take safe and effective measures to eliminate pests and the threats they pose.

We’ve earned the title of one of the best-rated pest control companies in South Florida through our expertly-trained, hardworking, and dedicated team who have been committed to serving our customers’ needs for over 47 years.v

On Legacy and Values

I am a second generation owner. My father, Al Hoffer, established Hoffer Pest Solutions in 1975 after he worked for another pest control company and did not agree with the way the owner conducted himself ethically with his employees and customers.

As a single-operator business, my father personally sold and serviced each account, focusing on top-quality customer service and establishing a solid foundation built on trust and rapport. Today, over 47 years later, we continue the tradition of that customer-centric approach in our work. We are all about living our core values: Positive Attitude, Team Player, Professional, Dependable, and Makes it Happen. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation, so if our company doesn’t meet the expectations of a customer, I want to personally know about it.

* Hoffer Pest Solutions’ Team

Joining the Family Business

I was born and raised in South Florida. I started working with my father at Hoffer Pest Solutions in 1995. I went on to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Central Florida in 2003. After graduation, I began an internship with Gregory Pest Control, a well-respected, multi-branch operation doing business in the Carolinas and Georgia (U.S.A.)

Upon completion of that, I returned to Florida to join my father in running his business. In 2013, I purchased the company from him. I’m proud to continue the Hoffer legacy of delivering excellent customer experiences and unsurpassed pest and lawn services to our community.

It goes without saying that I have worn multiple hats, working in most of the positions in the company at some point or another! My favorite aspect of our company has always been the friendly, knowledgeable team we have that makes coming to work every day such a great experience.

In my current role as President of HPS, I focus on the long-term strategy of the company, and on nurturing relationships with our customers and community. To get my job done in the most efficient way, I need to make sure that my management team is well equipped and able to run the day-to-day operations, so that we can deliver what we promise.

Why We Started with Automation

Our main goal was to make it easier for our customers to do business with us, as well as making life easier for our pest control technicians. Finding the perfect blend of software for pest control office managers and software for operations managers all in one solution was also very important to us.

Our primary use case is the distribution, signing, tracking and execution of contracts and service agreements. With Fluix, we are able to quickly fill out one of our agreement forms and then immediately send it off to a customer for signature.

Our technicians can also sign agreements in-person with a customer and send the document straight back to the office via Fluix. Once we get the agreement back, we are able to quickly upload it to our CRM – streamlining everything. Automation has made the whole process much faster and more efficient.

“Now I can say that not having to have paper forms not only saves us money, but saves us a great deal of time, too”.

We are also using other business automation tools, like auto texting and emailing services. In relation to those, I am most excited to be able to deliver relevant and interesting content to my customers quickly and easily.

In general, I believe the sooner a company starts considering digitization, the better. It is much easier to implement change when you are smaller than when you are a larger organization with existing workflows and systems.

Investing in Our Workforce

One of the challenges that the pest control industry is currently facing is the lack of a willing and capable labor pool. Less and less people are wanting to perform outdoor service type of work. The focus is moving towards remote work that can be performed indoors with computers.

We have found that using modern technology, like software for pest control office administrators, as well as educating employees on its use, can really help with attracting and retaining the best people.

“When we combine technology with the expertise of our technicians, we ensure that we get the job done correctly and efficiently.”

We also continuously invest in our team, to ensure that they have the skills and tools necessary to provide our customers with the best possible experience. When it comes to technology, I think choosing solutions with an easy-to-understand user interface is most important. If technology companies tried to keep a general design and functionality standard across their products, maybe it would help to make it easier for consumers to adapt to the software.

Looking to the Future

Technology aside, my main advice for the next generation of professionals in the industry is to focus on customer satisfaction, as well as continually driving to make the overall customer experience with their company easier and more enjoyable. This will take care of everything else.

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