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Start with Fluix Core, set your number of users, and select optional add‑ons to accelerate your automation.

Fluix Core

Every account includes these features to digitise, automate, and simplify your recurring form-based processes.

$50 €50

per user per month
10 users minimum


  • Map and automate unlimited amount of business processes
  • Build simple and/or advanced workflows
  • Route tasks along with various forms
  • Route documents through workflows of your choice
  • Design new forms or work with your existing PDF forms
  • Use built-in cloud storage capabilities
  • Sign documents digitally

  • Centralise user access
  • Organise users in groups by appropriate role
  • Manage access and permissions
  • Track task and document activity
  • Customise user emails and notifications
  • Collect real-time process status reporting
  • Apply automatic file naming conventions
  • Work both online and offline
  • Provide user access to iOS, Android and web applications
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Onboarding sessions and hands-on support
  • Comprehensive product Help tutorials and videos
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Enterprise-grade Add-ons

Toolbox that gives you real competitive edge.

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  • Enterprise SLA
  • Consolidated billing
  • Trainings & rapid onboarding
  • Custom integration & development
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Enterprise SLA

Fluix uptime is legendary, but if you want more urgent notification on any system-wide down time for any reason, upgrade to enterprise SLA.

Consolidated Billing

Your locations can work in separate accounts, but all locations’ subscriptions can be rolled up to a single invoice for your accounting.

Trainings & Rapid Onboarding

Get hands-on support with up to 6 administrative training sessions and quarterly refresher training to ensure rapid adoption of Fluix across your organization.

Custom Integration & Development

Want to connect Fluix to your industry-specific software solution? We can help develop a custom integration to route documents and/or data anywhere.

Professional Services

Easiest way to jump-start your way to excellence.

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  • Pilot project
  • On-demand form creation
  • Business processes review
  • Annual security audit
  • Custom integrations
  • Onsite & online user trainings and workshops
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Pilot Project

We’ll help you configure everything to implement a short-term pilot or “proof of concept” before going live company-wide.

On-demand form creation

Lack the time or design expertise to create pixel-perfect, user-friendly forms? Our in-house team can start from scratch or re-design your existing forms lightning fast.

Business processes review

Work with a Fluix process management expert to map your processes, turning inefficient steps into a well-oiled, automated machine.

Annual security audit

Fluix can provide hands-on support in conducting and documenting internal audits of your workflows to provide risk managers with objective insight.

Custom integrations

Need Fluix to connect to your favorite CRM or ERP, but it’s a little outdated or obscure? Our technical team can help launch custom integrations.

Onsite & online user trainings and workshops

Change management can be hard in some organizations, but Fluix can provide on-site, face-to-face user training sessions and workshops to accelerate adoption.

Fluix Saves Time & Money

No need in multiple vendors and integrations. Choose a single solution to automate your business processes.

Workflow automation software
$950€950 month/10 workflows
E-signature solution
$60€60 /user/month
Cloud storage
$60€60 /3 users
Centralized access & file control
$10€10 /device
$299€299 /month
Pricing for basic plan
$50€50 /person/month
$1,379€1,379 /person/month

Note: this information is understood to be correct at the time of publication. If there are any inconsistencies, please do highlight them to us and we will correct them as swiftly as possible.

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