Patient Intake Form Template

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  • Direct data processing
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  • Data entry errors
  • Risk of data breaches
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Medical professionals like you understand the need for a medical intake form. Whether you’re dealing with new or existing patients, medical office intake forms are critical to getting key information about clients before you start administering care. Key details such as contact information, emergency contacts, insurance coverage and health conditions are usually part of a clinical intake form.

Understanding the Benefit of Medical Paperwork Templates

Your medical practice deals with many patients, and a patient intake form template helps you get all the info you need every time. Consistent paperwork is a hallmark of good record-keeping, which is paramount when it comes to patient data. You want your records to be complete and correct for the sake of your clients, staff and other business partners.

Going Faster and Farther With Technology

Electronic medical office intake forms allow you to collect, store and access patient information in a way that is convenient and fast. You don’t have space to deal with bulky file cabinets with hard copies that are susceptible to damage and destruction. Digital patient forms can be generated and stored in a way so that your staff can get the details they need when they need them.

Fluix provides an easy-to-use, lightweight system for generating, completing and distributing patient intake forms. Say goodbye to bulky documents and hello to a flexible and powerful system that works on mobile devices without special coding or operating requirements. Get started today with a free 14-day trial with no credit card required! Experience a better way of collecting and managing patient intake records right now.

Manage Patient Registration Better

  • Onboard new patients
  • Access files from any device
  • Streamline your front desk work
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