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Guide to Deskless Team Management and Communication

Deskless workers – builders, technicians, warehouse managers, utilities workers, flight crews, ship operators and plant engineers – have different requirements than their office-based colleagues for two reasons: they don’t visit an office on a regular basis, and they don’t use a computer as the main tool to do their jobs.

For deskless workforce, construction sites, trucks, planes, or even wind turbines are their offices. They don’t have mobile printers, and can’t carry big folders of documents. They spend most of their working hours outside, carrying our inspections or fixing issues. 

So as a manager of deskless teams, how can you ensure frontline employee engagement?

By incorporating modern software, mobile devices, automated workflows and tested communication solutions for deskless workers.

Download this kit, prepared by Fluix experts, to find best practices and resources for creating effective deskless communication and collaborative work environment for your distributed teams and frontline employees.

Effective Solutions for Deskless Teams
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