Fluix Success Story

Bringing Daily Field Reports Into The Digital Era

Riley Textile Conservation Story
In 2014 Riley Textile Conservation (RTC), was contacted by a state agency to survey the entire contents of a historic home and create detailed art-conservation reports for over 6,000 objects contained in the collection. It entailed collecting, tracking and processing daily field reports with text annotations, audio notes and multiple photographs. RTC also had to manage multiple subcontractors and maintain control over document completion in real time.

Moving toward field digitization

RTC’s document lifecycle management system was outdated and inefficient, using handwritten reports with annotated sketches for field documentation. The company typically completed 48-72 reports per year. RTC needed to find a timely way to execute its largest project – produce and track 6,000 comprehensive reports in real time – within 11 months without expanding the field team.

“It’s not that this project would have been difficult without Fluix. It would have been impossible.”

Building effective model of digital collaboration

With a limited budget and time frame for the project, RTC implemented Fluix cloud document management software to:
Capture electronic field data (e.g. fill in forms, sign documents, add photos) easily using iPads
Onboard and train team quickly
Collaborate in real-time to decrease the document management cycle time
“Fluix gave us much greater control over the amount of time each report would require to complete. For this project, each extra minute spent per report would have translated into fifteen extra days of labor.”

Solving productivity problem

Fluix helped RTC successfully complete its largest project within deadline, and streamline their overall processes:
Decreasing time spent per report to two minutes, by digitizing document reporting with mobile data collection
Scaling operations from several documents per months to 1,600/month without any additional hires
Standardizing report templates and accelerated document workflows

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