Happy Birthday, Fluix!

Jenny Butler Customer Experience & Events Manager
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It’s a big day here at Fluix — it’s our 6th birthday! We can hardly believe that just a year ago, we celebrated the cake day at our Fluix Productivity meetup in Berlin, alongside some of our dear customers. Although our dream to meet with all of you in-person in 2020 didn’t come true, we’ve tried to stay online, listen to your feedback, support you in business, and do everything we could to make your jobs easier as much as possible.

In return, you continuously show us your loyalty and express a high appreciation of our work, which means a ton to us, especially now. 

With that in mind, we want to share with you a wonderful present we received from one of our customers, Vera Poppel from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. It’s the greatest Birthday surprise for our team!

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“Six years ago we started looking for a solution to replace the time-consuming and annoying tasks of manually handling checklists, instructions, service manuals, risk assessments, and many other kinds of documents. We were lucky to find Fluix, which appeared to be a complete game-changer for us. 

BF (Before Fluix) we had to print out tens of thousands of pages yearly, collate them, and send them to wind turbine sites on remote locations. Checklists had to be put in binders, carried to turbines for each type of action, and then carried back. When finished, they had to be checked by a site manager and approved with a manual signature. After approval, they were taken to the office for scanning. Scanned files were named by site managers and uploaded to SharePoint sites. Many times, oil and dirt made checklists hard to read and scan. Keeping a naming convention was always a hard one; everyone has their own conception of order.

AF (After Fluix) we experienced most of our previous issues just dissolving into cyberspace. No printing necessary at all! Service manuals and other important documents could be linked from different documentation sites to a structure of our choice for each wind turbine site in Fluix and appear directly on the technician’s device.

The workflow editor in Fluix is powerful, yet incredibly intuitive. This also meant that the idea of an easy, yet efficient, structure quickly could be realized. 

And the best thing: you can decide how much you want the field team to use certain document names, where the documents will end up when they have been approved (most data sources on the market, emails, etc.) and in which format. Either you name the documents already before they enter Fluix, or you decide that the names should be created based on the information filled out or chosen by users in fields in the document.

Over the years quite a few different processes have somehow transferred to our Fluix. Process owners have experienced a much better overview of their processes, and many previous problems have just vanished.

With a user interface that could be learned in a matter of minutes, because it is so intuitive, the app requires minimum maintenance on the admin side, and provides solutions for most needs. We have now been super happy Fluix customers since 2014, and I heartily recommend trying it out!

Fluix has added huge value to many of our processes – thank you, team!”

Vera Poppel
IT Consultant
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, 

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