Fluix Turns 9: Celebrating Another Year of Achievements

Iuliia Nesterenko Senior Product Writer
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In 2014 we embarked on a mission to simplify the digital transformation for the businesses who want to grow and scale. What began as a basic form filling tool with a team of just six has transformed into complex multi-feature automation software. We now operate as an international family of 80, with offices worldwide. 

As we approach our 9th Anniversary on November 4, it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the progress we’ve achieved and share our aspirations and accomplishments, both small and big. It’s a also a good occasion to say how proud we are to be at the heart of the success stories of our customers all around the world.

To all those who have embarked on this journey with us, the entire Fluix team extends our gratitude. And now, we’ll be savoring some delicious cake while you can explore what we’ve experienced in the past year.

A Glimpse into Key Product Milestones

Fluix has always been dedicated to delivering the most essential functionality for operational efficiency to our customers. That’s why this year’s releases, like any year’s releases, aren’t mere updates. 

They embody consistent progress in our mission to provide help without unnecessary complexity – helping your administrators build more efficient workflows, enabling your field teams to complete tasks more effectively, and supporting the growth of your business.

Here are the key solutions we’ve introduced this year to achieve this mission.  

Forms Prefill

Forms Prefill is designed to streamline form completion by automatically populating fields with data from previous entries or external sources, like a CRM. This reduces time and effort for your end users, enabling them to focus on verifying new information. It also enhances the user experience, ensures data accuracy, and maintains consistency across documents and databases.

Guest Access 

Guest Access is a feature designed for seamless collaboration with external partners in your projects. It streamlines work with subcontractors, clients, and any other external workers, eliminating the need for registration and app installation. With merely a link or QR code, you can invite an unlimited number of guests, allowing them to complete tasks efficiently.

Process Status Details

Process Status Details serve to provide transparency and accountability and allow you to monitor task progress. The feature gives you an overview of your workflow history, tasks, documents, due dates, and people involved. And it’s this one place where you see all the details, without shuffling between windows and reports.

File Attachments in Workflows

With a new feature in the Fluix app – Files for Review – users can attach any files from their devices directly into tasks. Such a seamless integration of supporting documentation, images, and other files into a process, ensures that all participants of the essential information are in one place.

Workflow Builder Shortcuts

The shortcuts in our taskstream builder give you quick access to commonly used actions, simplifying creation and customization of workflows. Your admins can benefit from using them by reducing the time and effort, as well ensure that workflows are accurate and error-free.

These are just the major releases. Our product team has also dedicated effort to refine numerous minor, seemingly inconspicuous elements to deliver the best user experience.

More More of powerful features that can help you make the best use of Fluix 

Growth & Expansion: Welcoming New Talent

Over the past year, we have seen an influx of new talent, with 17 outstanding people joining our team. These new teammates have come with diverse backgrounds and experiences, contributing to skills that power Fluix.

The perspectives and ideas they’ve brought to the table have been crucial for the progress we’ve made as a company over the past year.

Event in Focus: Chicago Build Expo 2023

One of the standout memories of this year is our participation in the 2023 Chicago Build Expo, a gathering of contractors, suppliers, and construction industry experts on October 11th and 12th.

We gained valuable insights into the relationship between digitalization and design in the creation of inspiring workspaces. It became evident that emphasizing the benefits of digital ecosystems and user experience is crucial for successful digital transformation.

Reflecting on this experience, we carry with us the inspiration and insights acquired to drive further progress in our pursuit of excellence.

the main takeaways we’ve brought from Chicago the main takeaways we’ve brought from Chicago Explore

Procore, HubSpot and Other Powerful Partnerships

In the past year, we expanded our capabilities through strategic integrations, Asana, Slack, Wrike, Smartsheet, Airtable to name a few, making data exchange seamless with various tools.

Yet, two standout partnerships with Procore and HubSpot have been transformative. They have revolutionized the way you manage workflows in Fluix, increased productivity, and empowered users to accomplish more, with reliable data on hand.

And we work to enhance the existing integrations, we’ll be adding new ones to empower our clients to achieve more in less time.

Learn more Learn more about our new integration with HubSpot

Working to the Beat: Fluix’s Spotify Vibes

At Fluix, we encourage a collaborative work environment that transcends tasks into creativity and shared experiences. One unique approach is our collective Spotify account, where our team members not only listen but also create playlists with their favourite songs.

This initiative taps into diverse musical preferences, reflecting our workforce’s diversity and providing a space for personal expression.

We believe that the Fluix Spotify account emphasizes that our strength lies not only in professional skills but also in shared passions beyond the workplace.

Take a listen Take a listen to our playlists

Last Word

Looking back at all those moments, we want to express our deep appreciation for the journey we’ve shared with our clients and partners over this year. It’s your support, dedication, and collaboration that have fueled our growth and success.

As we celebrate this 9th Anniversary, we reflect on our achievements, both big and small, and look forward to the exciting future that lies ahead. And the role of people in our story is invaluable.

We thank everyone for being a part of this incredible journey, and here’s to many more milestones to come.

Start Building Better Workflows Today

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Start Building Better Workflows Today

Let us show you how to do it with Fluix