fluix success story

How a crane service company saved 3,000+ labor hours and nearly $300,000, annually

Dyna Crane, an overhead crane service provider based in Canada, has over 30 years of experience in crane inspections, repairs, custom manufacturing, installations, solutions, and safety training. They conduct assessments, accident investigations and engineered equipment life expectancy upgrades, as well as providing 24-hour emergency on-call services.

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  1. 1 Unprepared safety compliance: Safety documents need to be available for inspection at all times for Dyna Crane Services and their clients.
  2. 2 Disorganized field procedures: Field workers spend extra time (approx. 1-hour each day) on routine paperwork, while office workers have a tedious process to manage and organize large quantities of paper.
  3. 3 Time consuming audits: Document preparation for internal and external audits take days, sometimes weeks.


Dyna Crane wanted to ensure their continued success as industry leaders by addressing inefficient business operations - specifically, document workflow processes. Their aim was to discover a paperless solution that would not only streamline workflows between the office and the field, but also make internal and external audits painless by organizing documents.


Fluix optimized a number of internal processes to digitally transform Dyna Crane.

  1. 1 On-demand access to compliance and safety inspections (e.g. safety policies, procedures, individual technician safety tickets, equipment manuals, service history, maintenance documents, etc.) provided to field teams by replacing paper documents with electronic, fillable PDF forms.
  2. 2 Improved efficiency of field-team processes (e.g. maintenance checks) by quickly updating documents and changing workflows to account for any unexpected issues that may occur on-site; which is an invaluable benefit to Dyna Crane’s clients.
  3. 3 Peace of mind with internal and external audits since replacing error-prone paperwork with digital files which are easily scanned, uploaded, organized and available at auditors fingertips — eliminating the fear of losing important information and the burden of extensive paperwork.
"In our industry, safety is paramount; regulations are very strict, and audits are frequent. We use Fluix to create checklists and safety documents because it allows us to do immediate sign-offs onsite. This way, auditors can look at the records in one system — including counts and trend graphs — which are vital to cultivating and maintaining a proactive safety culture."
Dyna Crane

Leanne Lawrence,
Administration Manager,
Dyna Crane


  1. 1 Time and cost savings: 3,185 labor hours and $ 286,650 annualy
  2. 2 Safety documents are now digitally backed-up and available on-demand for inspection
  3. 3 The ability to make changes in real-time has removed inefficient back-and-forth processes
  4. 4 Staff training has been optimized by replacing printed handouts with mobile versions in Fluix
  5. 5 Digital service records ensure efficient predictive maintenance and successful audits