Introducing Fluix Reports: All the Data You Need for Operational Clarity

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Imagine a bustling field service business, seemingly thriving with activity. Yet, beneath the surface, lies a different reality. Unforeseen project delays loom, draining profits and damaging reputations. 

How could this have been prevented? Meet Fluix Reports for transformative change and actionable data insights.

What Are Fluix Reports?

Fluix Reports is an extensive functionality that helps you visualize and analyze all the tasks and processes across your operations, including status, duration and more. 

You can see any info you need – all in one window – by adding columns and making your reports as detailed as you want.

A report in Fluix covering the information about processes

What You Can Do in Reports 

With Fluix Reports, you’re not just accessing data—you’re unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities – edit processes straight from a report, open the necessary forms, and reassign them if needed, without jumping between tabs. 

  • Filter and view all your activities – finished, in progress or failed – together with all the related details like a form name, progress status, start date, etc.
  • Build custom reports, and add columns that would include data you select. 
  • View the activity status by process or by document.
  • View the overall process duration time, and compare it to other periods.
  • Compare how processes and task performance changed after a defined time period.
  • Compare the same process against itself but different time periods.
  • Track due dates and identify overdue tasks.
  • Analyze performance trends on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to identify patterns.
  • Open the forms participating in the process straight from the report and see what’s going on there.
  • Reassign tasks if needed straight from the report.
  • Share reports with a link or download as a CSV or Excel file.

As you see, unlike static spreadsheets, where data is entered manually and remains static until manually updated, Reports make analysis more dynamic and efficient. 

Key Features of Fluix Reports 

Your reports are only as powerful as the tools that support them. Here’s how Fluix Reports delivers the goods.

  • Customizable View

Specific data parameters, timeframes, view modes, and filters create tailored reports that reflect your needs – track completion rates, monitor project milestones, or analyze performance trends.

  • Visualization

Intuitive widgets and visual elements create dashboards that give clear insights into what’s going on with your processes.

You can add any information, and apply filters for smart search
  • Saved Configurations

You can save your report configurations with columns and filters, allowing for quick access to frequently used reports. This also means you don’t have to start from scratch to find specific processes. 

  • Easy Sharing

Reports can be shared with team members, stakeholders, and collaborators via links. Additionally, you can export them as a CSV or Excel file and integrate with third-party tools such as Power BI or Tableau, ensuring consistency across platforms. 

  • Real-Time Data

All the data is collected in real time so you always see the latest information available. 

By the way, to take your data analysis to another level, you can combine Fluix Reports with Dynamic Forms. 

Dynamic Forms would facilitate data collection, enabling field teams to capture information quickly and accurately from any location. This data is then integrated into Fluix Reports, where it is transformed into actionable insights. 

You get visibility into operations and know what steps are needed to optimize workflows and operational efficiency. 

Learn more: Fluix Dynamic Forms for data collection: overview, features, use cases

How Fluix Reports Can Improve Your Operations

Fluix Reports isn’t just a reporting tool – it’s a catalyst for change. By leveraging the power of data-driven insights, you can streamline operations, enhance accountability, and pave the way for strategic growth and innovation.  

  • Have one source of data. Monitor all your processes in one centralized hub, ensuring data integrity and consistency.
  • Make more informed decisions. With clear visibility into key metrics, identify real opportunities instead of gambling.
  • Track the performance of your teams and contractors. Know how much money people need to be paid based on hour rate, and how much time they spent on a particular project.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Instead of admin copy-paste, focus on problem-solving and strategic planning.
  • Increase accountability: Get visibility into tasks and performance metrics, and drive alignment and accountability across teams and departments.
  • Optimize resource allocation: Identify areas of inefficiency or underperformance, to adjust priorities, and optimize processes.
  • Facilitate risk management: Track performance indicators to address compliance issues, and mitigate risks. 
  • Monitor compliance: Get visibility into regulatory compliance, adherence to standards, and data integrity. 
  • Plan strategically: Make data-driven decisions and strategic plans by providing actionable insights and clear visualizations of key metrics and trends. 

Reports Driving Action in Real-Life Scenarios

Fluix’s reporting has been playing a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency for many companies across highly regulated sectors like construction, renewable energy, aviation and others. 

For example, one of Fluix’s customers, a strategic infrastructure services company Centuri, leverages reports for various purposes. They use quality reports, safety reports, audit, and more to ensure regulatory compliance and monitor operational performance, showcasing the versatility of the feature applications.

Quoting their IT business planning manager Jeff Miller: “Collecting and exporting field data in Fluix is a really big advantage. I can report on virtually any field process. The best part is that it doesn’t create any additional burden for end-users, effectively raising their productivity!”

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

Want to try to build a report of your own and see how it goes? Contact our support team at and they will guide you through the process. 

New to Fluix and curious about our offerings beyond reports? Our team is here to help. Book a call with one of our product experts for a personalized 1-on-1 session to explore all our features and address any questions you may have.

Take Control of Your Operations with Fluix Reports

Take Control of Your Operations with Fluix Reports