5 Best Field Sales Software for Reps in Highly Regulated Industries in 2024

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Precious time can be wasted when closing a deal if you can’t find the right sales enablement documents. 

In order to avoid going back through email chains or taking multiple trips to a site to finalize the paperwork, the best field sales software streamlines document management. 

Everything you need to equip your sales team with the resources to sell more effectively, and get quick contract sign-offs, is at your fingertips.

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Overview of the Best Field Sales Software in 2024

When it comes to closing sales faster, some software doesn’t think beyond e-signature. But there’s more to field sales management software than the last step of the sales process.

Below, we’ll compare mobile field sales software including Fluix, Salesforce, Skynamo, Geo Rep and Pitcher and assess effectiveness across different industries. Then you can choose the best-equipped option to empower your teams to seal the deal.

Top Features Fluix SalesforceSkynamo Sales PlatformGeo RepPitcher
Permission controlX
Customer support ✅ 
Document storage 
Sales rep location tracking XX

1. Fluix: Best for Sales Teams in Highly Regulated Industries

Fluix is the sales enablement software that covers it all; from e-signatures, to document management, allowing collaboration between field and office teams.

Fluix is particularly suited to highly regulated industries, where sales teams need to adhere to script compliance regulations including training, privacy, and legally binding e-signatures.

Pricing: Starting from $50 user/month

When it came to inventory control, updates were lagging. Sometimes we would run out of contracts and have to get purchasing involved to re-order. Imagine that – you can’t even sell your own product without having those forms on hand.

Vince Nardo, President, Reborn Cabinets

What Are the Benefits of Field Sales with Fluix?

  1. Store and share up-to-date training content to enable teams to sell effectively
  2. Allow legally binding e-signatures, making signing secure and simple for customers
  3. Lock documents and set role-based permissions to ensure regulatory compliance

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2. Salesforce: Best for Sales Teams in Enterprises

Salesforce is the big player when it comes to sales enablement, however it doesn’t specialize in sales with an array of functionality, from full scale CRM to Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce maintains its suitability for every industry and business size, which can become overwhelming (and costly) when selecting the features to best support your field teams.

Pricing: Starter plan $20 p/m with limited functionality

What Are the Benefits of Field Sales with Salesforce?

  1. A.I CRM built on Einstein 1 Platform for smarter sales targeting 
  2. Sales analytics and pipeline forecasting with Tableau integration 
  3. Manage Partners such as resellers, distributors and brokers for channel sales

It is a great tool to track and analyze all sales and marketing data. It has plenty of customization and integrations available.

Arlene, Sales and Marketing Ops Capterra review

3. Skynamo Sales Platform: Best for Teams Selling Consumer Products

Skynamo claims it ‘frees sales teams up for more selling’ by cutting out the admin. This field sales management software works particularly well for product-based businesses. 

Supporting manufacturers, right through the supply chain to importers and distributors, the app then allows sales teams to capture orders in the field.

Pricing: Available after a demo

What Are the Benefits of Field Sales with Skynamo Sales Platform?

  1. Live location and route tracking, as well as customer visit frequency data 
  2. Allow deals, promos and contract pricing, as well as multiple price lists
  3. House product catalogs and enables multiple warehouses and stock levels

The pros are the removal of all paperwork and ease of tracking customer spend. The tracking and communicating with sales reps during the day.

Christoff, Sales Manager, Capterra review

4. Geo Rep: Best for Sales Managers

Geo Rep links your sales force to your customers, many of its features are suited to Sales Mangers, who can get full visibility over their reps in the field.  

If you’re looking to reduce rep travel time through route optimization, or increase customer visits with a call cycle calendar, Gio Rep may be the best field sales software for you.

Pricing: Standard plan $20 p/m with limited functionality

What Are the Benefits of Field Sales with Gio Rep?

  1. Locate sales reps throughout the day and view customer visit durations 
  2. View a calendar to see past and future sales activities 
  3. Allow automated time sheets with check-in/check-out functionality

At the day’s end, you have an accurate report of exactly where and for how long each rep was. This greatly improved the productivity of my reps.

Chris, Managing Director, G2 review

5. Pitcher: Best for Teams Selling Pharma & MedTech Products

According to Pitcher, ‘Four of the Top 10 largest life science companies power their revenue teams with Pitcher’.

Pitcher uses integrations to become an all-in-one sales and marketing platform, using AI-powered “next action” content recommendations and automated sales coaching.

Pricing: Available after a demo

What Are the Benefits of Field Sales with Pitcher?

  1. Insights for customer engagement with CRM and activity logging
  2. Integrations to allow email SMS and marketing automation
  3. Follow-up tasks such as meeting set-up, quotes and sample order management

Pitcher was a good tool for managing our sales content. The tool was effective for finding literature and allowing sales reps to customize their presentations for specific customers.

Austin, Sales Force Effectiveness, Capterra review


It’s almost impossible for field sales teams to do their job effectively without field sales management software. 

However, making the right choice of tool can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales operations. 

Among the contenders, Fluix emerges as the premium choice for highly regulated, field service businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of these sales teams.

From seamless e-signatures, to robust document management and collaborative functionalities bridging field and office teams. Fluix stands out for its ability to streamline processes and ensure compliance, without compromising on speed or security.

When it’s the last day of the quarter and the client has promised a signature by EOD, you’ll get the job done with Fluix.


1. How does field sales software improve sales performance?

Field sales software enhances sales performance by streamlining processes and improving efficiency. 

For example, in construction, sales teams can use software to quickly access and share detailed project specifications and compliance documents with potential clients, reducing turnaround time for proposals and contracts. 

In aviation, software can facilitate compliance with strict regulatory requirements by ensuring that sales teams have up-to-date documentation on safety protocols and certifications, leading to more confident and informed sales pitches. 

Similarly, in renewable energy, software can help sales representatives navigate complex regulations and incentive programs, allowing them to provide accurate quotes and proposals tailored to each customer’s needs.

2. What features should I look for in field sales software?

When selecting field sales software, it’s crucial to look for features that prioritize compliance, security, and efficiency. 

This includes robust document management capabilities, to ensure that all necessary sales enablement documents are easily accessible and up-to-date. 

Additionally, features such as electronic signature capabilities and role-based permissions can help ensure that contracts and agreements are executed securely and in accordance with regulatory requirements. 

Integration with CRM systems and mobile accessibility are also important considerations, allowing sales teams to access critical information and collaborate effectively while on the go.

3. Can field sales software integrate with other business systems?

Yes, field sales software can integrate with other business systems to streamline operations and improve data visibility. 

For example, integration with CRM systems, such as Pipedrive allows sales teams to access customer information, track interactions, and manage leads more effectively. 

Integration with project management tools such as Monday.com and Procore mean field and office teams can be across every stage of the sales cycle and the process becomes transparent and collaborative. 

Integration with data insight software such as Power BI, allows sales teams and managers to gain insights into processes, spot opportunities and make improvements. 

In highly regulated industries, integration with compliance and regulatory tracking systems can also ensure that sales teams have access to the latest regulatory information and documentation.

4. Is field sales software suitable for small businesses?

Field sales software can be suitable for small businesses, provided that it offers the necessary features and scalability to meet their needs. 

While larger enterprises may require more complex functionality and integration capabilities, smaller businesses can benefit from software that focuses on ease of use, affordability, and compliance. 

Look for solutions that offer flexible pricing plans and customizable features so the software can scale easily with the business.

5. How to choose the best field sales software for my business?

When choosing the best field sales software for your business, consider factors such as industry-specific compliance requirements, ease of use, integration capabilities, and scalability. 

Evaluate each option based on its ability to streamline sales processes, improve compliance, and enhance overall efficiency. 

Look for software providers with experience serving businesses in your industry and consider seeking recommendations from peers or industry experts. 

Additionally, take advantage of free trials or demos to test the software and ensure that it meets your specific needs before making a decision.

Are you a field sales manager or rep within a regulated or complex industry, wanting to make sales easier and quicker? Streamline your sales from field to office with Fluix.

Calm Your Operational Chaos with Fluix

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Calm Your Operational Chaos with Fluix

Our team is here to help