Brandon Hull

Head of Sales

Brandon Hull is a Head of Sales at Fluix. With over 25 years of experience, he empowers teams to leverage technology to make a bigger impact for their organization. His expertise is trusted by companies in high-stakes industries including construction, energy, and aviation. Brandon draws on proven results from work with companies like Centuri Construction Group, Macro Industries, Teck Resources, TJ Maxx, Zurich Insurance, Alaska Airlines, BMW, Emerson Electronics, Reborn Cabinets, and Comfort Systems USA.

In his articles, Brandon shares his knowledge of smart automation practices for growth, building community in topics like workflow automation, data collection, growth, and teambuilding. He also offers consulting and useful tips on LinkedIn, and speaks at events all around the world.

Brandon is passionate about empowering the careers of creative people, running numerous initiatives that promote the potential of his team.