Fluix for inspections

A field inspections solution that your field team will love

From digitizing your paper work orders, service orders and inspection checklists, to automating your manual tasks, data collection and reporting. Easy to use and fast to deploy, Fluix is a lightweight tool designed to help streamline your business from day one.

“With Fluix, we decreased wind farm inspection time by 43%, which enabled us to cut project costs significantly.”

Faster & Easier than a CMMS

Tracking, organizing and managing paperwork and maintenance processes is stressful. It’s difficult keeping a record of work done, repair dates, technicians logged and ensuring the results are stored somewhere safe and easily accessible for future reference. Even if it is in a metal file cabinet somewhere.

Do you want to keep your processes digital, but are intimidated by implementing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management system (EAM)? Then turn to Fluix. You can streamline your maintenance and inspection processes, but deploy with a lightweight solution that gets you up and running, quickly.

Identify problems earlier with automated inspection software

If you’re managing the usual maintenance at your business, there is always some type of inspection process required — from field safety inspections and quality assurance inspections, to vehicle inspections and equipment inspections. These are an integral part of the job regardless of industry, whether for worker, equipment, installations, regulatory compliance requirements, or preventive maintenance.

Fluix transforms your traditional paper-based documents and manual inspection processes with automated inspection workflows to help diagnose problems early on, when they’re simple and inexpensive to fix. If this is performed regularly, you minimize business disruptions to equipment problems.

“Fluix provides the ability to automate and control all of your workflow requirements on large scale projects, especially when relating to quality documents associated with inspection and testing activities. Two of my recent major projects had no lost paperwork or payment delays.”
Paul Wilson, Project Manager
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“With Fluix we were able to analyze trends in individual turbine performance to prevent additional service visits and provide substantial cost savings for us.”
Kathryn Ridsdale, Smart Mobile Engineer
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Provide efficiency, consistency and team productivity

Standardize operations for managers and save costs:
  • Design and distribute inspection checklists, work orders, punch lists, service repair results to techs
  • Use real time field data collection of workforce and equipment performance to make informed decisions regarding asset maintenance, repair, and replacement
  • Identify process bottlenecks and productivity pitfalls your techs face
  • Gain insight into the costs and performance of your workforce, equipment, vehicle and other assets with Fluix reporting
  • Institute real-time alerts and notifications with field data
Remove redundant task burden for field techs and office staff to save time:
  • Reduce maintenance and inspection paperwork
  • Access and fill in forms being offline
  • Collect consistent, real time data to manage all tasks from your iPad or iPhone
  • Annotate documents and add photos and GPS location tags for inspections
  • Receive sign-offs and approvals immediately with eSignatures
  • Track the history of assets while managing work orders and service requests more accurately
  • Streamline communication and collaborate with office workers while in the field

Improve your preventive maintenance program

A preventive maintenance program helps your company maximize efficiency by improving equipment reliability, eliminating unscheduled downtime and decreasing maintenance costs.

Fluix can be implemented as a simple, lightweight preventive maintenance software for your team to manage document workflow processes and automate tedious manual tasks.

Easily manage your assets and parts inventory lists, work and service orders, and preventive maintenance checklists
Securely store root cause analysis reports and maintenance records
Improve regulatory compliance by reducing incidents and responding more quickly
Analyze real-time field data to identify process bottlenecks, opportunities for improvement and future budget management
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