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“With Fluix, we’ve saved time, and improved accuracy and consistency.”
Numbers That Matter
1.5 labor hours
per-salesperson, per-day saved
24 hours faster
signed contracts reach the office
completed documents
  • The Sales team spent considerable time each day doing paper-based admin
  • Signed contracts took up to 24 hours to reach the office and needed to be manually added to the CRM
  • A paper-based sales process that included printing costs, as well as the compliance risk of lost paperwork
  • 1.5 hours saved per-salesperson, per-day
  • Signed contracts are immediately sent back to the office via Fluix, and instantly added to the CRM
  • Sales process automation means no lost or forgotten paperwork, and no printing costs
Colorado Living is a family-owned home improvement company based in the U.S. State of Colorado. The company prides itself on being rooted in the Colorado community ever since its inception in 2014, and over the years the team have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses in Colorado to revitalize and renovate their properties.
With over 150 years of combined experience, the team of expert professionals at Colorado Living offer a full range of home improvement services, from Dry-Fit window installations and vinyl or steel siding install or replacement, to one-day bath remodeling.
When Colorado Living first started out in business, they immediately recognized the need for software that could streamline and digitize their sales process. Their chosen digital sales enablement software needed to be intuitive and easy to roll-out to their sales team, while also being capable of integrating with their existing CRM.
After some research, they narrowed their choices down to Docusign and Fluix. They chose Fluix because it met all their needs and it was half the price of Docusign, but it was the stand-out customer service and support that they received from Fluix that turned out to be one of the major long-term benefits.

Buried under too much paperwork

A 100% paper-based sales process resulted in hours of tedious admin and manual data entry, as well as delays in getting signed sales contracts back to the office. The compliance risk of carrying paper documents was also a concern.
Sales team overrun with paper-based admin tasks
Signed contracts took up to 24-hours to reach the office
Paper-based processes increased costs and compliance risks
“Our Sales team can close deals onsite with ease, our Service Technicians can instantly check what sales materials are needed to complete a job, and our Office Admin team don’t have to worry about sorting tons of paperwork.”
Joseph Pleitgen, Systems Administrator
Colorado Living

Sales workflow solution for an efficient sales process

Fluix empowered Colorado Living’s sales team by giving them a complete sales process all in one place on their iPads.
Automated sales process workflow
Client meetings and presentations can now easily transition to the contract signing stage, and completed documents are instantly delivered to the office.
Saved time and improved accuracy
Paper contracts took much more time to fill out, when compared to using a digital version in Fluix. Mistakes made in Fluix can be instantly amended to ensure accuracy, whereas a mistake on a paper contract would often require the sales rep to start over with a new document.
Printing costs have been eliminated, and document compliance is assured
The digitized sales process has eliminated the need for paper, and its related printing costs. Compliance is now assured, with all documents securely stored and immediately available for inspection when necessary.
Software solution with 100% buy-in from the team
Instant access to sales materials
With all documentation available at their fingertips on their mobile devices, sales reps have the ability to pull up new contracts and access past contracts with ease.
Integration with CRM
Manual data entry and copy-paste was eliminated by being able to automatically sync documents from Fluix to Colorado Living’s CRM, LeadPerfection. The Fluix team also fully supported and assisted with the entire CRM integration process.
Improved customer satisfaction
Sales reps constantly receive positive feedback from customers about how nice the contract e-signing process is with Fluix. The reps conduct their presentation on their iPad, then seamlessly move to Fluix to pull up the contract and have the customer sign right then and there, without having to worry about the minutiae in between. Fluix is mobile sales automation at its best!
“Fluix makes all of my rep’s jobs easier. Having used paper contracts in the past, it is very nice to have a streamlined system that we can use with minimal issues.”

Sales automation benefits prove immediate ROI

1.5 hours per-salesperson, per-day saved using Fluix
Signed contracts reach the office up to 24 hours faster
Printing costs and document compliance risks eliminated
A continuously world-class customer service experience from Fluix

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