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How to auto-populate multiple fields in a form

To avoid typing the same information in your document over and over again, we suggest auto-populating text in multiple fields in your PDF form. This way, the user will need to type the text only once, and other fields will be populated automatically.

This trick can be used to avoid copying long ID numbers, customer names or any other information. This will speed up the work, prevent errors and save time for your Fluix users.

To auto-populate text in multiple fields, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open your PDF form in Adobe Acrobat Pro, choose Prepare Form mode, go to FIELDS section and name the field(s) that you need the information to be copied to EXACTLY like the field where the information will be copied from:

The system will then mark it with a “#” sign which means that fields are auto-populated.


Step 2. Save changes to the PDF form and upload it to the folder that is used in a workflow.

As a result, you will enter information into one field only and this will automatically populate the other designated fields.

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