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How to add an image field to a PDF

Adding an image to a PDF document can be useful to document visual data when filling in reports or forms. 

Simply take a photo, or upload an existing image from your gallery on your mobile advice.  

Using a PDF form filler with predefined image fields can make the process quick and easy while on the go.

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Let’s see what tools to use to add an image field to your PDF form.


Fluix is professional document management software with an inbuilt form builder. It allows users to both manage PDF forms online and offline (fill in, comment, review, sign, add images, add fields) and use them for task assignments within automated workflows.  

Note: To use this tool, you need a Fluix license or free 14-day trial account.

1. Go to Actions and click Create PDF Form.

2. Choose whether you edit an existing form or upload a new one.

3. Click Image and drag it to the designated place in the form. 

4. Save changes to the PDF form.

Read more about what other fields you can add to PDF and fill out in Fluix.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF app that lets you manage PDF files: view, comment and fill out, and documents. Acrobat works best for personal needs, allowing you to create a professional resume, research paper, hand-out, etc.

Note: To use this tool, you need an Adobe Acrobat Pro license.

1. Open your PDF form in Adobe Acrobat, choose the Prepare Form mode and click Add an Image Field.

2. Drag it to the designated place in your form.

3. Save changes to the PDF form.

Jobsite Photo Documentation

Construction photo documentation is often used to manage the jobsite better, prove the location, show the defects, etc. In this case, it makes sense to use a document management tool so that to standardize the form appearance and flow they pass, from a new template to completed PDF document sent to customers.

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