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A maintenance log is used to record essential information for an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone program. Find out why enterprises that use drones should document maintenance, the types of data to include in a log and the benefits of tracking measures taken to maintain drones. Fluix offers solutions for automating workflows and issuing checklists to monitor the condition of aerial vehicles.

Track a Drone Maintenance Program

Digital checklists are among the easiest ways to keep track of drone maintenance. A system that simplifies data entry and processing can be useful for logging purchase, registration and warranty information in addition to subsequent documentation that relates to maintenance. A database can be set up to automatically update with information drawn from multiple sources. The most accurate and current logs often combine automated and manual input.

What To Include In a Drone Maintenance Log

A maintenance log should account for the same data points about every UAV or drone an enterprise owns and operates. Here are the most important drone maintenance details to account for in a log:

  • Makes, models and serial numbers: Identify each unit in the program.
  • Drone unit condition: Maintain current records of condition or status.
  • Part repairs or replacements: Specify any components that get repaired or replaced.
  • Software or firmware updates: Include dates of updates.
  • Troubleshooting or testing results: Detail measures taken to repair units.

A maintenance log for drones can facilitate the process of arranging for repairs on- or off-site and making warranty claims. Maintaining current records is essential for a log to be useful for determining which units are ready to use and the maintenance needed to fix damaged or malfunctioning devices.

The Benefits of Logging Drone Maintenance

There are many benefits to maintaining up-to-date data on the condition and status of each and every UAV or drone that a company owns and operates. Here are a few reasons why an enterprise should log usage, pre- and post-flight inspections and maintenance:

  • Easy to determine status: Check current unit status or condition.
  • Proof of compliance: Obtain proof of inspections and other safety protocols.
  • Documentation for warranty claims: Easily locate materials to make a claim.
  • Data to inform preventative maintenance: Repair records indicate common problems.
  • Data for estimating operating life: A long-term program anticipates asset longevity.

Enterprises that track the condition of operational assets tend to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Organizations that do not maintain current records may have a harder time operating a UAV or drone program due to experiencing recurring or prolonged downtime or the loss of assets.

How To Log Drone Maintenance

Enterprises can implement Fluix workflow management software to log drone usage and maintenance. It is helpful to be able to easily check the make, model, age, current condition and location of any drone or UAV in a maintenance log. A log can also include helpful data about repairs and replacements to guide preventative maintenance and enable organizations to estimate the operating life of aerial vehicles. Discover how Fluix facilitates data reporting and asset maintenance.

Manage Your UAV Maintenance Paperwork Effectively

  • Schedule maintenance across the fleet
  • Extend the life of your vehicles
  • Centralize replacement archives
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