Fluix Product Milestones and Roadmap for 2021

Olga Zakharova Senior Product Manager
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Summer marks the halfway point in the year, so it’s a good time to analyze and reflect on what has been done, and what should be accomplished going forward. 

Below, we’ve summarized a few things we’ve released so far this year to make your daily work life easier, and we’ve also given you a sneak peek into what Fluix has planned for the rest of 2021. Let’s dive in!


  • New look and feel of the Fluix Workflow Builder. It’s now presented as a drag & drop chart, which is a much more visual way of mapping business processes.
  • Tasks. Daily on-site jobs can now be added as Tasks in Fluix. Field teams on mobile devices now have their to-do list items at hand, including a description of the job to be done, forms that need to be filled out, and attachments in PDF and other formats as guidelines.  
  • Web forms. If you were looking for a quick way to create and edit forms without any additional tools, you are not limited to PDF any longer. Create and edit web forms right in our refined Form Builder.

Be among the first to test it out. Contact us at support@fluix.io and we will enable it for your account!

Extracting images into Datasets 

As well as text extracted from forms into datasets, now you will also get links to images that were added by your team – all in one place for easy reference.

Smart Search and Signature tracking in Document Status

With Smart Search in Document Status, you can use filters to quickly search by Document Name, Assignee, Stage and others, to find the files you need in seconds.

In addition, you can now see the number of signatures added to a document, without opening the document itself. This makes tracking e-sign progress even easier!

Push files to Workflow from any Storage

From time to time, there is the need to push a file to a group of people within a workflow. Our ‘Push to Workflow’ functionality allows you to do this in a couple of clicks. With our recent product update, it is now possible to select documents not just from the desktop, but also directly from Fluix storage and third-party storage of your choice.

Improved Dashboard

You can now clearly see the number of documents signed and completed, as well as the time and costs saved. In the Document Status section, you can see the count of the latest documents that were modified in any way by your users, divided per workflow/group.

You can also pin any desired workflow/group in order to keep it on top of the list. In addition to Top users and Top Workflows, now you’ll also see Top Groups.

Form Builder Additions

New elements were added: Logo/image and Checklist block that helps to create a checklist form faster.

Improved User Reports section

Keeping your data processing needs in mind, we’ve made User Reports more informative. New columns were added: user emails, member of groups, number of signed documents, and number of completed documents.

What’s next?

Nobody can predict what the next half year will bring, but we’ve been working hard to make sure that we’re ready to support you and make your life easier with the features below.

Data visualization: right in Fluix 

Everyone says it’s time for data intelligence to shine, but no one provides a simple way to get started with it. With Power BI, embedded in Fluix, you’ll create reports and charts right in Fluix – no additional licenses or enhanced technical skills needed!

TaskStreams: Take 2!

Fluix TaskStreams is going to be even more advanced. Here are some additions that are expected later this year:

  • Conditional logic for submit actions
  • Dynamic names and values to automate adding email recipients, file naming, and others
  • Further improvements to our Form Builder, aimed to streamline the form creation process
  • Analytics
  • User App

App on Android?

We understand the need for alternative operating system options for those not working with Apple devices, and we respect our customers’ choice. So, this July, we started creating a Fluix mobile app on the Android platform. If you have Android devices, we would love to hear how this will help you and your teams! Reply to this email and let us know.

Keep track of Fluix updates in the Release Notes section. For your chance to influence the Fluix product roadmap, drop us a line at support@fluix.io and share your thoughts on what’s important to you and your team.