Safety management systems: driving a culture of job site safety

Brandon Hull Head of Sales
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Any foreman will tell you that construction deadlines can be very aggressive. Under certain circumstances, your company might even lose money or be forced to pay liquidated damages if you fail to complete the project on schedule. It’s important to minimize jobsite interruptions so that your crew stays productive and on task. Nothing derails a worksite faster than an on-the-job injury though, costing valuable time in the process. That’s why it is essential to embrace technology that makes your company’s safety policies more accessible, efficient, and responsive like Fluix’s safety management system.   

What are Safety Management Systems?

Safety management systems, or SMS, are an emerging trend in workplace safety that allows foremen, managers, and other key personnel to take important forms, reports, and other operational information directly to the jobsite in digital format. Construction safety software eliminates the need for management staff to visit a centralized office to fill out paperwork and incident reports, putting all the necessary documentation into the hands of the employees that need it the most. With SMS, the managerial staff has the tools to report incidents and safety concerns in real-time. 

Technology and safety in the workplace

Speed and responsiveness are critical in the current business climate. Construction companies have tight deadlines to meet. To keep pace, companies must manage their documentation digitally in order to meet challenging deadlines head-on. 

An SMS platform gives foremen a powerful mobile tool to document on-site accidents or injuries, but there’s a lot more to SMS than that. A construction safety software acts as a centralized hub for documentation resources, business licenses and certificates, and forms for every aspect of your construction company’s operations. The obvious benefit is the time savings you get from on-site documentation in the event of an injury, accident, or equipment malfunction.

An SMS platform can also be used as a communications tool. It serves as a way for the administrative staff, the foreman or manager, and the worksite laborers to coordinate with one another about safety and operational concerns over a large geographic area. With it, you can warn your teams of potential field hazards ahead of time. It can also be used as a mobile platform for OSHA-compliant employee training and in-service, helping to reduce lost time in the field. 

Most importantly, SMS helps drive workplace safety practices by creating a safety-focused work culture. With a&nbsp mobile SMS platform, you get a responsive tool that helps your company report health and safety concerns immediately, making SMS the best process for reporting issues and incidents. With digitally-stored documentation and reports, your SMS can generate trends and advanced analytics to help improve the long-term safety practices of your business. When everyone is on the same page, without the red tape and wasted time of a centrally located office, you foster an environment of safe and conscientious workers. 

Fluix’s iOS Safety Management Solutions 

The true selling point of any mobile safety management system is the responsiveness, mobility, and productivity that it fosters. SMS platforms are designed with mobile devices in mind. Fluix specializes in safety management solutions tailored for use with the iOS operating system. Our safety reporting platform gives users the ability to submit incident reports remotely and take critical forms and documents on the go, directly to the job site. Our iOS solutions allow you to coordinate between all the key members of your team, delivering safety and operational updates immediately without interrupting the job at hand. 

You can utilize Fluix’s software to manage health and safety programs and documentation wherever your project takes you. Please contact us today to discuss our iOS solutions or to try a free demo of our SMS platform.