How to Build an Employee Onboarding Process

Statistics say that about 30% of employees quit during the first 6 months. 15% of them mention that the reason they leave is poor onboarding. The point is clear - the onboarding process must be good, otherwise, a newcomer may turn to a new outgoing.
Let's find out the ways to push a new team member onboarding process up to the best possible level.

Behind the employee onboarding process scenes

The definition says that employee onboarding is a process of integrating new hires into the team and making sure they are on firm ground. In some cases, the onboarding process can be a kind of a filter for both a company and an employee to understand if they are a match to each other.

So, your HR team has got let’s say several stages of onboarding. The most common scenario is a sum of before arrival activities, first working day, first week, and first month. A particular document is linked to each of these stages, and at the same time, many people may be involved in reviewing and approving processes.

Though the key figures on the board are HR managers and the team which is about to welcome a new hire. Let’s pick in lines a workflow usually happening right in the field or in the office:

Employee onboarding flowchart

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Here are the steps:

  1. HR: Creates a package of documents and sends it to Team Manager
  2. Team Manager: reviews a document package, and adds details if needed
  3. Team Manager: Shares a package of documents with a newcomer
  4. Newcomer reviews the package and acknowledges it by signing.

As mentioned above, at each stage there is a package of documents. To ensure all documents are provided to the new employee, reviewed and signed off in time, we recommend you using two checklists:

To route these checklists between your teams and to make the hiring process as clear as above, we suggest you consider an employee onboarding software.

Why is employee onboarding software worth a shot?

The real-time experience proves that document automation serves a big goal — makes everything ready when the person starts the first working day. With an employee onboarding software like Fluix in hand, the HR team can ensure all necessary documents are available for the employee and the process is crystal clear.

Here are the core elements of the software that makes the process work smooth.

Form Builder Easy-to-use form builder for admins to create onboarding checklists and any other forms needed in a process.
System integration Integration with internal systems allows automatic transfer of data
Progress reporting HR manager can supervise onboarding, and hiring manager gets notified of any changes in timing
Business process designer Model every detail of the onboarding process, no matter how complex the flowchart. Process designer does not require any technical knowledge and can be used with a minimum learning curve.
Form filling, document reading and signing capabilities Easy-to-use application to complete onboarding checklists, fill out HR forms, read employee manuals, and sign electronic documents.

Gains the employee onboarding software brings

Below points can be summarized as streamlined, efficient, and effective onboarding.

  • Operational costs reduced
  • Process reporting confirms its efficiency
  • Document audits no longer disrupt work and hinder productivity
  • User confirms process improvement

Expert Advice

The new team member onboarding process is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring that recently hired employees are perfectly prepared to start their work. Surely, onboarding is a comprehensive process requiring to complete a plethora of routine tasks, management, and dozens of questionnaires. That’s all called an action plan.

To make it better, you can digitize your existing paper forms, and combine them with guides for newcomers into one logical workflow. Besides, the information guides can be designed as the list of tasks. In this way, HR professionals, upper management, and newcomers will always be aware of what has already been learnt and what still needs to be learnt.

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