Fluix Success Story

Huther Doyle Reduces Admin Time By 20% And Increases Compliance

Huther Doyle have used Fluix to empower their Care Management field teams to deliver exemplary service to their clients, by digitizing all of the forms and documents that previously used up valuable time. Care Managers are now free to reroute that time to their clients and help them in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

Huther Doyle Success Story
  • Approximately 1,530 pages per-month were printed, mailed, carried, transferred, scanned and filed by Care Managers
  • Form completion process consisted of several inefficient back-and-forth stages that used up the valuable time of Care Managers and posed compliance risks.
  • Care Managers needed to drive to wherever their clients were located – often hours away from their office – in order to get signatures on paperwork.
  • All documents are now routed digitally through Fluix and are available at any given moment a client makes an inquiry.
  • Using Fluix reduced admin time by 20% – giving Care Managers back valuable time to spend directly addressing their client’s immediate needs. All documents are securely stored in the Cloud – resolving all paper-related compliance concerns.
  • Care Managers can send and receive files to clients in any location. This has allowed Huther Doyle to save on fuel and paper costs.
“Within Care Management there is a big technology gap, a ton of paper and a lot of manual processes. We wanted to solve this administrative paperwork problem by digitizing it to make the process less labor-intensive and more technology-friendly. We now have a happier workforce, higher client engagement and higher adherence in terms of compliance.”

Founded in 1977 by George Huther Jr., Huther Doyle helps individuals and their families to overcome the burden of addiction in their lives. This is done using an empathetic, collaborative approach.

Huther Doyle recognised that their Care Managers had concerns about the amount of time they were spending on paperwork instead of helping their clients. For example, a care manager might have to drive two hours one-way to a client, hoping that the client would be home. They could never be certain that all of the necessary paperwork could be completed in one visit, because they might need additional forms that were back at the office. After their consultation with the client, the Care Manager would drive back home, knowing that they might need to make that same journey to the client again.

Inspired to address this, Huther Doyle began researching mobile technology in healthcare. Although they were aware of the increase in the use of digital technology in healthcare, they needed to ensure that they could deliver a comprehensive digital healthcare experience. With that in-mind, they began working with Bill Knitter, Principal Consultant at Innovative Solutions. With Bill’s help, they were able to conduct in-depth research into technology solutions at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare, and how they might help to solve Huther Doyle’s administrative dilemma. Eventually, they found Fluix.


Having worked for so long in a paper-heavy environment, Huther Doyle needed their chosen software solution to address several challenges:

Printing costs and paper-related compliance concerns: Every single form was printed at least twice – more if errors needed to be corrected, or if forms were lost or damaged. Paper and printing was a considerable cost to Huther Doyle. Carrying forms and documents around in binders posed significant compliance risks.
Time-consuming, manual paper-based processes: Care Managers wanted to devote more of their time to helping their clients to access critical needs services, but they were often held back by administra­tive barriers and the inefficient manual paper trails that went along with them.
Cost of fuel and environmen­tal impact of field teams vehicles: Community is extremely important to Huther Doyle – it’s at the very heart of their vision and mission to support and their community. For that reason, the environmen­tal impact of their field team’s vehicles was a concern, as well as being a cost.
“60% of our Care Managers in the Southern Tier have zero internet connectivity 80% of the time, so we needed a reliable software solution that could work both online and offline.”


After implementing Fluix as their care management platform, Huther Doyle’s Care Managers and clients immediately saw the benefits of embracing a digitized future:
Printing costs eliminated and compliance increased Digitization of forms and secure Cloud storage means no printing costs and no lost or damaged paperwork, as well as an increase in compliance.
Increased happiness of the workforce and client engagement Fluix helped Huther Doyle’s Care Managers to reduce time spent on admin by 20%. They now have all necessary documents and forms (e.g. Patient Information Sharing Consent Forms) available in Fluix on their iPads, which has given them back time to spend directly helping their clients.
Positive environmen­tal benefits Saving on the cost of 1,530 pages per-month is significant, but using less paper isn’t the only environmen­tal benefit brought by Fluix. Digital healthcare management means Care Managers no longer need to drive several hours for client consultations – saving on fuel costs.


Since kick-off in 2019, Innovative Solutions has deployed Fluix to 20 agencies in New York State, including Huther Doyle, all of which needed a technology boost. A year later:
admin time saved
automated workflows
“We were immediately attracted to the technology, not only based on the robust features, but the excellent engagement with the Fluix team from day one.”

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