Gaining Operational Efficiency With the Right Drone Data Management Solution

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The days of unmanned aerial vehicles being used strictly in military operations are long gone. Several industries have harnessed the power of UAVs or drones to reach places that have been costly, difficult, and/or dangerous for humans to go.

From construction to energy to security and more, many corporations and entities are taking advantage of drone uses for business, relying on the power of computing and technology to accomplish more with limited resources. 

Acknowledging the Power of UAVs

People at every level of an organization can appreciate how innovation and technology have spurred major advances in execution and performance.

For example, a pilot understands the power of capturing photos, videos or other data documenting the condition of drones and accessories. Drone data collection mitigates the expenses associated with having people manually perform the oversight. 

Managing the Power of Technology Leads to Better Efficiency

Getting the most out of drone usage includes being able to effectively and efficiently manage the data generated and processed by this technology.

When high performance meets superior data processing and management, you should see measurable improvement in the way you work. When you manage your drone data processing information automatically, you may find improved team efficiency. Among other things, you can:

  • Collaborate in real-time across different departments or locations
  • Provide equal access to training documents
  • Improve scheduling flexibility
  • Maintain compliance

This operational efficiency also offers other advantages that are good for your business, such as productivity, good morale, and trustworthiness. 

Exploring Operational Improvements

It’s helpful to explore what’s possible with superior drone data processing and management for your organization as you work to improve operational efficiency. 

Focusing on Core Business

Pilots have to generate and manage paperwork related to the inspection and maintenance of their drones. Such documentation is often necessary and required for internal safety and quality purposes as well as for compliance with regulatory oversight.

While drone technology can yield information that serves documentation and record-keeping efforts, a drone data management solution can help streamline data collection and processing. A pilot can focus on essential business, such as flying drones, with a software system streamlining and handling tasks associated with document management.

Taking Advantage of Automation

Drone data processing must be completed in a way that is uniform, consistent, and complete both within a small team as well as a larger organization. Using automation for operational efficiency allows management software to quickly and easily facilitate drone data collection based on an established procedure or workflow.

Each person in an organization may have a preferred way of doing things. Human error and fatigue can also result in inconsistencies, errors, and missing information.

What happens if an organization experiences turnover in its drone fleet management? How do you maintain quality and consistency from person to person, team to team, or assignment to assignment? How do you ensure that documents are routed to the necessary parties in a timely and consistent manner?

A drone data management solution can initiate and automate processes and sub-processes that are required, instead of relying on a group of people to collect this data and store it in various places.

How SAS Generates Benefits from Automating Operations Data Collection

Organizing Data and Simplifying Processes 

With a Fluix software solution, you can gather the data and store it in one place, saving time and cost. The system can also organize and relay that information to all interested parties, including those who may be outside of the organization.

If there are internal, external, and governmental regulations that dictate your drone records management, you can build automated workflows with Fluix based on these requirements. Instead of relying on your staff to remember which forms must be generated and completed, the Fluix platform can automatically do this according to your operational needs. 

Improving Records Management

Drone operators are often tasked with maintaining various records. Drones can be used to collect photos, videos, survey points, LiDAR mapping information, and more, but your drone management software system can help organize and present this data in a way that is conducive to project management, record-keeping, and internal or independent auditing.

Drone data management that is consistent and of high quality is good for operations of any size, location, or type.

Similarly, an equipment manager can take advantage of drone data management for maintenance records on all the drones in the fleet. They can also see analytics that yields data for better maintenance and quality control.

Your data software solution can compare maintenance costs, repair frequency, asset performance, etc. A decision-maker may be able to observe trends and other analytics that prompt the following operational improvements:

  • Procuring equipment from different suppliers
  • Changing maintenance schedules to anticipate problems sooner
  • Optimizing or streamlining maintenance operations
  • Identifying opportunities for cost-saving, preventive measures
  • Reviewing and revising maintenance procedures for improved performance
  • Integrating new objectives based on quality, safety, reliability, and sustainability, among others.

Managing Insurance Records

Records management has serious ramifications in the area of insurance. Insurance policies are often based on historical performance records. Just as a vehicle owner’s auto insurance premium factors in driving records and vehicle metrics, drone equipment insurance plans will factor in performance and maintenance data.

Your drone data management solution can provide insights to you as the insured, as well as to the insurer for policies that help you manage, mitigate, and transfer operational risks. 

Streamlining Communications

Strong communication improves the effectiveness of a team of any size.

Drone technology isn’t just about gathering information, but also about relaying collected data in a way that is most useful to the intended audience.

A drone data management solution can be integrated with communication elements, such as audio recordings or videos automatically saved to a particular location or routed to certain recipients. Such communications could also trigger other operations related to drone data processing. 

Boosting Professionalism

The best drone management system is one in which there is a professional level of quality with respect to drone data collection, analysis, and reporting.

The technical capability of your fleet and the knowledge and experience of your operators are limited if you lack a software management system that can produce, interpret, and report information that meets your expectations and that of clients, business partners, independent auditors, and regulatory oversight.

Merging superior equipment with superior drone data management helps with your performance and therefore your reputation, profitability, and compliance. 

Enhancing Offline Records Management and Control

Although we live in a world that is increasingly digital and connected thanks to the internet and cloud technology, it’s not always possible for drone operators to have access to live records and data. Your team doesn’t stop working when they’re offline, and neither should your drone data management system.

With a Fluix solution in place, teams can fill out and submit documents without an active internet connection. Team members that are remotely located and not connected to systems for security purposes can still complete their tasks. When systems are online, regular and automated syncing can quickly update records and data, keeping everyone in the loop quickly and efficiently. 

Unlocking Drone Tech Potential With Fluix

Fluix is an extremely powerful, yet versatile platform that provides several advantages to your drone fleet operations. As your drone fleet management solution, Fluix is lightweight, code-free, and scalable for implementation into a current system or creation for something entirely new. This platform boosts your drone operations with several features that can be used in various applications:

  • Automation of tasks, procedures, and workflows
  • Cloud storage
  • Data reporting
  • Electronic signing
  • File sharing
  • Forms generation and completion
  • Geo-tagging
  • Group collaboration
  • Integrations with systems, including databases, project management, and file management among others
  • Mobile forms
  • Offline access
  • Reviews and approvals

With Fluix as your software solution for managing drone data collection, processing, reporting and managing your data is easy. This powerful platform doesn’t require special knowledge of proprietary operating systems or coding.

Whether you’re part of a small team or a large program, you can scale Fluix up and down quickly to meet your current operational needs.Implement Fluix into your operations through the use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which your team already uses to get the job done.

Unlock the true power of drone uses for business with Fluix by starting a free, no-obligation, 14-day trial without the use of a credit card.

Automate Today to Take an Advantage Tomorrow

See how Fluix can help your aviation business

Automate Today to Take an Advantage Tomorrow

See how Fluix can help your aviation business