7 Best Paperless Office Software

Iuliia Nesterenko Senior Product Writer
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Paperless office applications are designed to reduce or eliminate the flow of paperwork through an enterprise. Learn more about eight of the best paperless office apps, from suites that include paper document scanning and optical character recognition to utilities for processing digital documents and signatures. Find out what a paperless office is and how applications for digitizing data and document flows function alongside workflow management software in the information ecology of a paperless office. 

What Is Paperless Office?

The concept of a paperless office is a workplace in which the use of physical paper has been reduced significantly or eliminated entirely in favor of end-to-end digitized documents. In other words, customers or clients interact with an enterprise in paperless ways, such as email, chat or over the phone. Employees then use software to process this information or workflow management software automatically processes data and documents in specific ways. 

The Best Paperless Office Document Management Software

Software for paperless offices is typically designed to handle common digital document file formats. Many document management applications also feature one or more of the following specialized utilities for digitizing paper documents in hybrid or transitional offices:

  • Document control for access and permissions
  • Version control for digital documents
  • Support for digital signatures and processing signed documents
  • Paper document scanning using a scanner or high-definition camera
  • Optical character recognition to make scanned documents searchable

Here are eight leading paperless office applications to consider pairing with workflow management software. Some of these platforms provide a combination of all of these features, while others focus on particular paperless office functionality. Enterprises can optimize workflows by supplementing the right paperless office applications with comprehensive workflow management software.

1. Achieve a Paperless Office With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

One of the most versatile paperless office applications originated as a portable document file reader. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the latest premium version of this software, which has the ability to manage PDF files and other document formats and has scanning and optical character recognition abilities. A unique feature of this software is the ability to securely send documents internally and control permissions and rights management. A free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is available.

2. Obtain and Process Signatures with Fluix

This paperless office solution is designed to help industries sign and distribute digital documents. Enterprises use Fluix to enable customers and clients in any location to sign agreements, contracts and other documents. Based on your needs for scanning and OCR or book-keeping functionality, you can integrate Fluix with one or more specialized paperless office applications and use this combo to faster manage your documentary.

3. Try Neat Paperless Filing Solutions for Book-Keeping and Files

Stakeholders of enterprises who are seeking a paperless solution for book-keeping and file management should take a closer look at Neat. The book-keeping application Neat Books centralizes financial data and offers options for automation. Neat is also fully integrated with QuickBooks. The related paperless document management application Neat Files features a document scanning and paperless filing system for digital documents. Neat offers users a free trial of Premium service for 15 days.

4. Get the Best OCR Technology in FineReader PDF for Mac

Workflows that involve digitizing paper documents can benefit from the advanced OCR technology running behind the scenes in FineReader PDF, which was formerly called FineReader Pro. This document scanning application has one of the highest OCR accuracy rates, at around 99.8%, for going paperless at work. Several other applications also use the OCR engine developed by ABBYY for FineReader PDF under license. Features such as Hot Folders for instant archiving make this program a popular choice for offices seeking to eliminate or reduce paperwork.

5. Consider M-Files for a Searchable Paperless Office Strategy

Tagging can serve an important function in digital record-keeping. The paperless office application M-Files is noteworthy because this software features an automatic metadata tagging function. This database organization and OCR platform for Microsoft Windows computers offers functions that are also available in paperless office and workflow software developed for Mac users. Try a demo or 30-day trial of M-Files on a PC or look for a paperless application with advanced tagging features for Mac.

6. Implement Artificial Intelligence With DEVONthink Pro

The paperless application DEVONthink Pro goes beyond automation to offer enterprises the ability to apply artificial intelligence to digital file organization. DEVONthink Pro learns from the way you file and the program will eventually be able to automatically file most documents. Information is available in a centralized database with access controls and can be synced with iOS devices through many leading cloud services. This Mac-exclusive software can still share files with PC users. Try a free trial of this smart information management software for 30 days or 150 hours of runtime.

7. Keep Track of Receipts and Documents in Mariner Paperless

A paperless office program that specializes in OCR scanning for bills and receipts can add up running totals. This unique feature makes Mariner Paperless an attractive application for enterprises that still have a lot of financial paperwork. This digital file management software is available for both Mac and Windows systems. Although users experienced delayed compatibility of this software with Mac OS Mojave, Mariner Paperless can now be used with the latest operating systems and works best with select Fujitsu scanners.

Why Integrate Workflow and Paperless Office Software?

Most of the software that is intended to phase out paper documents does not provide the extensive level of functionality found in workflow management software. Using the right workflow application makes it easier for the stakeholders of an enterprise to get more out of any paperless book-keeping, scanning or signature software. Here are a few benefits of integrating Fluix with paperless office applications:

  • Leave a clear trail with complete system records in addition to paperless audit software
  • Access iPhone or iPad paperless office documents regardless of whether a paperless office program is compatible with iOS
  • Pursue code-free automation in addition to any smart features in a paperless office application
  • Securely store data and documents and permit authorized parties to access information
  • Process documents in the most efficient manner

While some comprehensive paperless office programs prioritize audit trails, mobile access and even include some AI or automation features, these systems are more limited by definition than applications that are designed to manage and optimize workflows. Combining paperless office and workflow software can resolve many inefficiencies related to the smooth flow of documents through an enterprise.

Use Fluix To Optimize Workflows

While implementing paperless office programs can be a step toward a more efficient operation, workflow management software provides more control over document-driven tasks and processes. Integrating workflow management and paperless office software can enable the stakeholders of an enterprise to benefit from code-free automation and resources for managing workflows consisting of data and documents.