8 Happy Years of Working With You

Jenny Butler Customer Experience & Events Manager
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In numerology, the number 8 represents victory, prosperity and overcoming. Back in 2014, we set out to make it easier for companies to overcome challenges they faced on their digitalization journey. We’re incredibly proud that Fluix is right at the heart of the digitalization success stories of our customers all around the world!

Today, as we celebrate Fluix’s 8th Birthday, we’re looking forward to keeping that momentum going into the future, with our customer’s insights and needs at the core of everything we do.

All of us at Fluix would like to thank each and every customer who has been part of this 8-year journey. Now, we’re going to enjoy some cake while you enjoy the rest of this blog post 🙂

Trusted by Industry-Leading Customers

Scandinavian Airlines, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Comfort Systems USA, Soderberg and Partners, Titan Airways, The Ludwig Freytag Group, and Atea – just a few of the many wonderful customers who have been with Fluix since day 1 of our product’s existence.

We know that all of our customers are experts in their respective industries – including you, reading this! You understand the importance of reliable software – but more than that, you know the importance of working with vendors you can trust and rely on. At Fluix, we’re proud to have built many lasting relationships with our customers over the past 8 years, and we look forward to working with you and supporting your teams far into the future.

Product Driven by Your Needs

Our focus remains on helping your teams to achieve the best possible results. In the past 12 months alone, we’ve launched a bunch of game-changing features and functionality:

  • Fluix App on Android, to allow non-iOS teams to use Fluix as well
  • Conditional logic for submit actions, to make the process flawless
  • User Notes, which allow users to leave reference notes for each other in forms
  • Dark mode, to improve user experience in dark and low-light environments
  • Integrations with various tools, to allow for effortless communication between solutions

Our goal is to continue to deliver the best possible user experience, and to make work life easier for those trusting Fluix with their daily tasks and documents.

…But we’re not stopping there! Our team will continue their work on major product updates and new features, including some long-awaited ones that we’re excited to share in the near future:

  • Data Prefill, to automate the pre-population of information in forms, 
  • Third-party submissions, to enable your contractors and other non-Fluix users to collaborate with your teams in the Fluix app.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This year our Fluix family grew by 21 team members. This includes 6 ambitious interns, who impressed us so much that we decided to hire every single one of them! 

This year we added 4 new Fluix hubs, expanding our presence to 7 countries around the world.

We look forward to celebrating new milestones and taking more steps towards an even better future. Here’s to many more incredible years!