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MULTIVAC UK Reduces Quote Turnaround Time by 200%


  • Minimum quote turnaround time of 7 days, or 2 weeks for complex requests
  • Opportunity specification process took 30 minutes to complete. This process documents specifications for equipment that needs to be built for customers
  • Approval requests sent to management via email, but occasionally not sent at all


With Fluix
  • Quote turnaround time reduced by 200%
  • Opportunity specification process completion time reduced from 30 to 15 minutes
  • Automated approval workflows allow managers to approve work or request amendments in real-time
With Fluix I get the time to do my job more effectively. As a project proposals engineer, I spend a lot of time talking with suppliers and design teams, so any time I can gain with automation is time I would not otherwise have.

Brendan Tilling, Project Proposals Engineer


Founded in Germany in 1961, MULTIVAC is one of the world’s leading providers of packaging and processing solutions for food, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, and consumer products. MULTIVAC’s global group includes over 80 sites in more than 160 countries, powered by a team of almost 7,000 highly-trained employees.

To put the company’s global impact into perspective, the majority of packaged goods and products seen anywhere in the marketplace worldwide are packaged by equipment designed by MULTIVAC. This leading position in their industry is fueled by the innovative machine technologies used by the company across all of its sites, as well as the company’s approach to embracing sustainable, automated, and digital solutions.

Digitalization Challenges in the Packaging Industry

Packaging involves both manufacturing and sales processes, which can easily
become overloaded with miscommunication and vast amounts of documentation.
Challenges faced by businesses in the industry include:

High volume of email and phone traffic between external sales teams and the internal sales office, with no centralised system to log information. 

Human error and misunderstandings that result in a negative overall customer experience and an increased risk of audit non-compliance.

Extensive time spent following-up on sales enquiries, due to missing or incorrect information.

Duplicated documents that are accumulated along the various
sales funnels and product manufacturing lines involved in each customer’s journey.

As digitalization increasingly gains traction within the packaging industry, heavy competition within the market heightens the need for a robust workflow structure that can adapt quickly to market shifts and customer demands.

MULTIVAC UK experienced all of the aforementioned challenges. This prompted their need for a software solution that could transform their complex processes into automated workflows, as well as improve the way their teams collaborate with each other and their customers. Most importantly, the solution needed to be able to fully support MULTIVAC UK and its teams on their digital transformation journey.

Workflow Solutions Implemented

MULTIVAC UK adopted Fluix (known at the time as PDF Expert Enterprise by Readdle) in 2013, and scaled the software across their sales and internal office teams. Today, the company’s use cases for Fluix are still focused mainly on the sales side of the business. They use the software to tackle the information transfer from contractors to external sales teams, who then forward documentation to internal office teams.

MULTIVAC UK have enjoyed several benefits since implementing Fluix, including:

  • Flexible workflows in Fluix that allow users to easily exchange information with relevant teams

  • Secure document storage in one centralised place has eliminated duplicate documents, streamlined collaboration across all teams, and created a pin-point accurate audit trail

  • Automating sales processes through Fluix has enabled MULTIVAC UK to provide a superior sales experience for customers and the teams working with them

Some examples of typical process flows
automated by Fluix include:

Stock purchase requests

Opportunity specs

Customer orders

Customer visits

Fluix has created a very hands-on system that allows for good reporting and auditing. We have managers using Fluix for workload distribution, and we have datasets being captured in Fluix to allow quick reports on warranty and quote trends.

Brendan Tilling, Project Proposals Engineer

Results of Digital Transformation

  • Number of quote requests completed per-week increased from 15 to 45

  • Form templates with required fields ensure accuracy and prevent data loss

  • Automatic file naming and secure file transfer directly to the company server

  • Automated management approval flow for almost instant feedback and sign-offs

  • Photos added directly into forms (previously added as email attachments)

  • GPS/time stamp data is automatically captured in forms and is easily reportable

  • Streamlined, functional communication between customer-facing sales teams and internal office teams

  • Fluix supports MULTIVAC UK’s digitization and sustainability goals by eliminating the need for manual paper-based processes

Key Highlights


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