Customer Success Story

Celebrating Ten Years with BMW Financial Services Hong Kong

BMW Success Story

*Image courtesy of BMW Financial Services.


At Fluix, our software isn’t just about building workflows and process streams, it’s about building trust and growing our relationships with our customers. We are very proud to celebrate ten years of helping BMW Financial Services Hong Kong to do their best work. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how that relationship has successfully grown since 2012.

BMW Financial Services is the in-house financier of the BMW Group. The Hong Kong office provides tailor-made financial solutions to meet the needs of BMW and MINI drivers who are based in that location. For customers who choose to avail of finance options, everything is taken care of at the dealership, making the process of buying their new vehicle hassle-free and convenient.

*Image courtesy of BMW Financial Services.

Starting a Digital Transformation Journey

BMW is renowned world-wide for cutting-edge automotive design and technology, so moving from paper to digital was a logical step forward in keeping with the brand’s innovative reputation.

The company had been searching for a document management software solution that could digitize form signing processes for sales teams at BMW dealerships in Hong Kong. It was also important that their chosen solution worked for the admin and operations teams in the BMW Financial Services office in Hong Kong, who handle contract settlement procedures on behalf of the company.

In 2012, BMW Financial Services Hong Kong officially began their journey with Fluix (known at the time as PDF Expert Enterprise). Sales teams at BMW Hong Kong’s dealerships would go on to form the majority of Fluix users, working in tandem with office-based financial operations teams.

Finding Success with Fluix

Prior to finding Fluix, BMW Hong Kong’s sales teams needed to carry sets of paper forms around the dealership floor on a daily basis, for customers to complete and sign. The original signed documents also needed to be delivered to BMW Financial Services’ Hong Kong office by courier. This combination of paper, printing, courier costs, and time spent completing and processing documents all took their toll on operational efficiency.

After Fluix was chosen as the preferred solution to drive sales enablement at BMW Financial Services Hong Kong, the company soon saw the benefits of their digital transformation:

Time and Costs Saved

Finance applications and related documents were converted into digital format, comprising of custom PDF smart forms with auto fill-in and auto-calculation.

This saved time on filling out paperwork, and also eliminated related printing and courier costs.

Improved Customer Experience

Finance applications and related documents are presented to customers on an iPad for signature, decreasing the time previously spent completing paperwork. This improves their overall experience at the BMW dealership, as well as making life easier for sales teams working at the dealership.

Flexibility and World-Class Product Support

Fluix understands the importance of user-friendly product design, stress-free adoption, and dedicated lifetime support. Customizable workflow setups in Fluix can be adapted as-per the company’s needs, in a matter of minutes.

Greater Efficiency Between the Dealership and the Office

Fully signed documents reach office teams in minutes, greatly speeding up the task of processing finance applications and related paperwork.

“It takes time for new technology to be accepted by users. A short time after changing from paper to digital, feedback from users was that Fluix was “easy and convenient” to work with.

On the admin side, the flexible document workflow setup in Fluix can be tailored to our requirements. We can do this ourselves, instead of involving any technical IT support – it’s simple & easy.”
Reflecting on the Past Ten Years

Fluix has empowered BMW Hong Kong’s sales teams and BMW Financial Services’ office teams to provide the best possible experience for their customers. The paperless e-signature process on a mobile device or tablet reduces waste, which is good for the environment. The workflow setup in Fluix has streamlined processes across different entities and departments, saving the time and costs associated with a physical document flow.

“Fluix helped us to change the mindset and behavior of people in our industry, at a time when our competitors were still working in a very traditional way with paper forms. The e-signing process in Fluix differentiated us from our competitors, and created a great image of us in our industry.”

Looking to the Future

BMW Success Story

*Image courtesy of BMW Financial Services.

The automotive industry is not without its challenges; information security, product differentiation, digitalization and process optimization are just a few of the critical areas of focus. One of BMW Financial Services’ core goals is to provide a one-stop customer online journey, and their digital transformation has set them on the right path to achieving that goal.

Summing up the past ten years of their experience with Fluix in their own words, BMW Financial Services commented:

BMW Success Story

*Image courtesy of BMW Financial Services.

“It has been a great journey from offline to online, from paper to digital.”
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