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Project management is no small undertaking. Whether you are an experienced project manager or just venturing into overseeing your first assignment, creating a streamlined, detailed checklist is essential for helping your team stay on track and focused on your end goal. While it is possible to make your own checklist strategy, Fluix makes the process easier by providing you with templates and solutions for managing documents and tracking project progression. It all starts with our project management template.

Reap the Benefits of Project Management Templates

While every business venture has unique tasks that are required to meet goals, our templates offer a stepping-stone to getting the initiation and planning phases of any project off the ground:

  • Customize the template to your details
  • Monitor task progression to ensure your team is meeting deadlines
  • Automate documentation processes to eliminate downtime
  • Keep information in one place, accessible by your entire team

There is no need to start every project management checklist from scratch since most projects follow the same general timeline from initiation to closure. Ensuring you have a checklist to follow tailored to your enterprise will also help your project to progress more efficiently, as well as provide clear documentation for stakeholders throughout the process.

Create Efficient Project Progression

Checklists outline specific tasks that team members need to complete at different stages of the project so that everyone involved knows what needs to happen next. You should have a general outline that you follow as a whole for the duration of the work. On top of that, all of your team members should have a checklist they are following for their individual roles in the project. As the manager, you should have a clear idea of every task that needs to happen at each stage, and you should be able to view the current status of the tasks assigned to your team.

Document Processes at Every Stage

Project managers understand that documenting steps and processes is essential for every assignment. You have to be able to show what you did and why at any given point to the people or organizations overseeing the project, particularly the stakeholders. A project management checklist template helps you not only to know what task comes next but also to follow the project phases per the Project Management Institute in the correct order:

  • Initiation: This is the launching of the project that usually includes gathering research and acquiring approval from the appropriate authorities to start the project.
  • Planning: Phase two of the project involves plotting how milestones and goals will be achieved by creating incremental, measurable tasks and understanding potential problems. Mitigating risks and establishing a solid communication and documentation strategy are important parts of this phase.
  • Execution: This is where the project plan is put into action and each team member carries out the assigned roles.
  • Monitoring and Control: With the team members completing their assigned tasks, the project manager should be monitoring project progress and taking steps to troubleshoot issues as they come up. The monitoring and control phase is a regular cycle of planning, executing and reviewing solutions to speed bumps encountered.
  • Closure: Once the goals and vision have been achieved or the results are in, it is time to finalize documentation, store the files in a designated location and close out the project.

Keep Open Communication Between Collaborators

Our templates help you clearly outline each step of the project, as well as collaborate with our other business solutions to automate documentation such as inspections, contracts, approvals and consent forms. With our automated processes, your team members can collaborate and communicate seamlessly in real time, cutting down on wait times between getting signatures.

With our templates and documentation management, project managers can clearly see who is assigned to which task and which jobs have been completed. This helps to clearly identify steps in the process that may be holding up the project.

This also makes it easier to identify potential risks throughout the project and quickly take action to fix or avoid those issues in the future. In addition, when all of your steps are documented through the checklist and automated document storage, you can review the project in its entirety down the road to discuss with your team where problems occurred and how to avoid those issues with future projects.

Remember that your checklist may change as you work through each step. It is not always possible to account for every potential problem that can arise, which is why it is vital that you are regularly meeting with your team to get updates and make sure everyone knows what they need to do to complete the next step. It is likely that you will develop several different checklists over the course of a single project; the main thing that matters is if each checklist and each step is bringing you closer to your goals and closure.

Make Project Management Simpler With Fluix

Not only does Fluix offer a project management checklist template to inspire your team, but we also offer software and automated processes that help keep your team on track. Discover our checklist templates today and how they can help your next project, and be sure to ask about our automated document management and storage solutions that can work seamlessly with your processes. Book a Demo with Fluix today.

Make Project Management Faster & Easier

  • Negotiate with project stakeholders
  • Outline project expectations
  • Determine the task completion sequence
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