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Holidays Are Coming, Holidays Are Coming!

The most wonderful time of the year is on the corner. We hope that staying at home will not deprive you of your holiday desire to murmur “Holidays are coming,” grab a huge cup of cocoa or an even larger glass of mulled wine, put on the ugliest but warmest sweater, and most importantly, when staying at come, you still want to celebrate.

Christmas is the most expected holiday of the year. Many of us get ready for this day in advance: we ask Santa-Google about gifts, movies, decorations, and many other must-do listings. It is also a great time to take stock of what has been done or not and make dreams and plans for the future. But aside from wrapping-up achievements in your resolution list, you need to take time to treat yourself too. 

To cut your time spending on searching “What to cook on Christmas day?”, we’ve collected the festive recipes in Fluix Cookbook all around the globe, written both by our team members and by some of our customers, who were very kind to share their beloved dishes with us all.

Happy holidays!  

Fluix team

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