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How to add a date field to a PDF form

With a date field, users can select a date from a calendar dropdown instead of manually typing it. For convenience, you can set the format in which the date will be entered (dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, etc.).

See how to add a date field in a fillable PDF using different PDF editors. 

Adobe Acrobat

1. Open the necessary PDF form, choose Forms & Signatures > Prepare Form and click Add a Date Field.

 2. Drag it to the designated place in your form.

3. Double-click the field to open its Properties. Go to Format and select the date format you need.

4. Save changes.


1. Go to Actions and click Create PDF Form.

2. Choose whether you need to edit an existing form, or create a new one.
3. In Fields, click Date and drag the added field where you need it in the form.

4. Save changes.


1. Upload the form and go to Form Creator.

2. Click Date Field and drag it where you need it in the form.

3. In Date Format in the toolbar on the right, select the date format in the dropdown menu.

4. Save changes.

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