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Fluix for Construction: Use Cases, Solutions and Best Practices

As workplace safety is a top priority for any construction professional, Fluix allows you to conduct and submit field safety inspections using safety checklists. You can conduct job risk assessments, job hazard analysis, and all other safety and health evaluations, as well as manage ongoing regulatory documents that track incidents, injuries and illnesses. The data from all of the above submissions can be then extracted for bench-marking and reporting.

Safe and secure distribution of submittals — including all parties’ acknowledgment and approval of the documents contained — is a core feature of Fluix. Submittal documents

can be grouped and distributed to a specific group of stakeholders at the same time, or

different documents can be grouped and configured to follow a custom approval process, one person at a time, with deadlines for how long each person has to review and approve the submittal documents. You have all the flexibility to decide how to set up the process in a way that works for you and your clients.

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