Simple and easy inspection software for your team

Trusted inspection app for field use

Hundreds of smal and large companies conduct inspections with Fluix from offshore platforms in North Sea to sunny coast of Australia. All of them successful solved the problems of:

  • Large amount of paper in the field
  • Ineffective communication with the office
  • People losing or damaging documents
  • Absence of any transparency or structured process
  • Centralized storage and management of all document-related processes


Ultimate inspection solution for your periodic inspections report forms

Fluix shines among inspection apps in its user friendliness and similicity. Small team can be onboarded within few hours, while large team get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who makes sure all of the processes are transferred to Fluix. You will move to a truly digital inspections. Fluix will enable:

  • Handling mobile inspections with inspection report forms
  • Design your own inspection template
  • Full range of inspection tools from image capturing to annotations
  • Mobile interaction between your team members with documents moving among mobile devices
  • Full automation of all documents-related processes

Your inspection management will no longer be a hassle. Fluix brings transparency and structure into field processes moving productivity to a new level. Fluix is the inspection software for you!

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