Field document management solution for your team

Field data collection

Fluix is an advanced document management system that is specifically designed to address the following business needs:

  • Field data collection
  • Field inspection
  • Site inspection
  • Safety inspection
  • Safety audit

Fluix allows field teams to use PDF templates and fillable forms in the field and route them according to pre-set rules after completion. Fluix helps hundreds of companies to close the last mile gap within their IT services left open by other field apps, on site software, safety inspection software, and quality inspection software.

Best field team collaboration

Fluix works on iPads and iPhones as a native field app, while devices running Android and Windows can use Fluix to fill out field forms via the Internet.

Fluix also supports advanced collaboartion features, not found in other site inspection apps and quality inspection solutions, such as group and role management, document workflows builder, remote signature collection, advanced reports and document retention policies.

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