Ultimate data collection tool for field forms

Mobile field data collection

Receiving valuable information from your field team is no longer a protracted process. With Fluix you will be able to:

  • Receive field documents within minutes
  • Field documents can be completed even without Internet connection
  • Share all comments and annotations with your field team without the need for redundant communications
  • Collect personal information and digital signatures from your customers remotely
  • Control all the versions of each document with clear visibility of the ownership

Our track record with existing customers shows document turnaround time reduction of an order of magnitude with substantial decreases in operations costs and error rates.

Data entry application

Fluix provides intuitive data entry application for teams of any size to ensure the data collection process is straightforward and efficient. Users will be able to use a Fluix app on an iPad or Fluix web app on any other device. With an intuitive interface, data collection process takes minutes and is completed with just one click of the Submit button. The forms are automatically routed along the path configured by the team admin.

We take the information security of our customers seriously. There is a number of security settings allowing account admin to granularly manage access to documents and to the account administration in general. The settings will allow you to:

  • Prohibit copying documents or/and extracting pages from them
  • Prohibit sharing documents to anyone with the option to prohibit downloading the documents via iTunes USB transfer
  • Manage data retention policy for completed and deleted documents
  • Protect all of the documents with password
  • Enforce specific password policies and iOS data protection policies

Data entry has never been easier. Fluix is your ultimate data collection tool!

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