fluix success story

Siemens Gamesa Offshore Training Process Goes Digital

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  • Time-consuming, manual training process
  • Data damage or loss of paper training documents on remote sites
  • Limited control over training evaluation process


  • Reduce tech training time & deployment costs of over 400+ workers with automated workflows
  • Secure data updated in real-time using customized digital logbooks
  • Accelerated approval & verifications for new evaluation process with e-Signatures
"Fluix allowed us to reduce the training time and made it easier for technicians to upskill on multiple projects."

Susanne Svenningsen,
Training Program Manager

Simple Workflows With A Huge Impact


With highly demanding quality and safety regulations and a large-scale, technical complexity of products, Siemens Gamesa performs continuous upskilling of technicians at offshore construction sites.


Siemens Gamesa has nearly one thousand technicians speaking various languages and working offshore at different geographical locations. The global company had two main challenges of eliminating risk of less competent technicians being evaluated, and reducing the administrative burden offsite and office workers faced.

  1. 1Time spent on training.
    With constant rotations of technicians and remote locations, keeping track of trainings on paper was time consuming and tedious.
  2. 2 Data damage or loss.
    Technicians significant travel schedules increased the risk of losing or forgetting necessary training documentation.
  3. 3 Signatures verification.
    Getting all required documents approved and signed by each trainer and trainee was difficult.


The renewable energy company was looking for a transparent, automated and leaner solution than the previous manual paper processes, and was introduced to Fluix, via the Siemens Service department. Fluix’s document workflow management software streamlined the implementation process and provided a seamless transition for all end-users. The Siemens Gamesa’s in-field training process was optimized at every offshore location with:

  1. 1 Customized digital technician logbooks with organized approval process to track progress of on-the-job training and upskilling. Each logbook consists of onsite task lists performed under supervision of a trainer and signed off by the trainee, trainer, line manager and site management when completed. "This way ensures that our technicians possess all the necessary competencies,” stated Christian Munck Jørgensen, Training Specialist.
  2. 2 Deployment readiness checklists of all mandatory requirements to be fulfilled and validated before going onsite (e.g. inductions, personal protection equipment expiration, valid work visa). Technicians must checkoff each requirement in order to be allowed to travel to, and enter, each site.


  • Reduced training time
  • Reduced deployment costs
  • Improved deployment of technicians
  • Faster project implementation
  • Accelerated approval process for technicians with digital logbooks and automated workflows, eliminating time-consuming, manual paper processes.
  • Validated verification process with e-Signatures, ensured proper technician evaluation procedure was followed.
  • Secured data with real-time updates and quick summary of technician’s progress on digital logbooks and checklists.
  • Quicker onboarding process and easier global rollout using the Fluix mobile app.
"We received excellent support anytime we had questions to speed up the implementation phase."

Christian Munck Jørgensen,
Training Specialist