E-signing & Collecting Signatures

E-signing & Collecting Signatures

With Fluix your team will be able to both capture customer signatures remotely and in person.

On Site

Think of a contract your sales team signs at a customer’s home. With Fluix, you can simply capture the signature on an iPad or iPhone screen using a finger or a stylus.

Via Email

Need to send a contract for review or signature, remotely? Fluix enables anyone with an email address and a web browser to officially sign documents.

Send in Bulk

Is sending documents to many people time-consuming? Fluix automates sending multiple documents to various people at the same time, capture their signatures and receive signed copies.

Improve your signature collection process now

8 reasons to sign documents with Fluix


No printing costs

Exclude paper costs from your recurring monthly expenses. Keep fillable contracts in your company repository or right on Fluix’s built-in storage and update them at any time. Your team will always have the latest versions to work with.


Simple for your team

Simple for your team

Your team will enjoy having a clear way to sign and send documents for signature. Automatic reminders to signers and template messages will save your team’s time and reduce human error.

Simple for your team

Intuitive for the customer

Your customers can sign the document in any browser, on any device, be it PC, tablet or smartphone, no Fluix account is required. The signee receives a link via email, clicks to review the document, types in the name to sign and sends the signed copy back. Three click and done.


Make changes on the spot

No need to start over every time. If you are not sure about the agreement details, you can always allow your signers to fill out the missing information in the document. Delight your customers with your flexibility.


Cut down traveling, courier and postage costs

Your sales reps no longer need to travel to their customers, no more mailing originals. Both parties will get a signed copy right after the Send button is pressed.


Escape from scanning and storage rooms

There is no need to spend hours on printing and scanning signed contracts. After being signed, documents automatically return to the sender and continue on their way as per preconfigured rules, such as upload to storage or email to back office.


Track progress

You can always check statuses of all pending documents in real time and remind your sales team to expedite.


Legal and secure

Signatures in Fluix are digital which makes PDF-based e-signing secure and reliable for both the customer and the company. It solves crucial problems that can arise when using a simple electronic signature:

  • Prevents changes being made to the document after it was signed
  • Prohibits copying signatures to another document

Bulk Send, Sign & Submit

Automate your signature workflow and save time for more essential tasks.
Bulk Signing covers all steps of the workflow:

  • Creating or editing forms in PDF Builder
  • Sending documents in one package to as many recipients as needed
  • Automatic submit of signed copies to company storage or emailing to the office
  • Real-time tracking of document statuses
"When looking for a solution to replace paper-based forms that properly supported handwritten signature handling, Fluix was the only one that fulfilled our three main requirements: ease of use, easy to deploy and strong compliance."

Ignacio Garcia,
Information Manager
Roche Farma