iOS device updates

July 31, 2023. Fluix app version 3.15

– Added the Form Filling Suggestions to allow users to enter data into the form much faster

– Streamlined the task initiation flow with a more intuitive navigation

– Stability improvements

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

April 28, 2023. Fluix app version 3.14

Fluix Tasks News:

– Added the ability to select Guest user recipients directly from the user’s device and send the task via email or SMS

– Added the ability to report an issue when the document got stuck in Outgoing

– Redesigned the Settings section and added the App Guide 

Fluix Documents News:

– Updated the Actions dialog in the PDF Viewer

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

January 11, 2023. Fluix app version 3.13

Taskstreams news:

– Added the What’s New section to make tracking the app updates much easier

– Added ability for the user to Reassign tasks to Individual Users in addition to Groups

– Added ability to Copy, Edit, and Delete Notes by tapping & holding on the Note

– Added Siri Shortcuts: Start work, View in Progress, and View my tasks

Workflows news:

– Added ability to automatically save taken photos to Library

– Improved functionality of Creating a Copy from the Completed document. Now the Copy includes the annotations and images

– Sync process improvements in workflows

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

September 21, 2022. Fluix app version 3.12

Taskstreams News:

– Ability to add geotag and timestamp to images

– Ability to add geolocation to the Text fields

– User Notes in Forms

Workflows News:

– Ability to pause sync of Templates and Company Drive sections and related folders

– iOS 16 Compatibility fixes

– Sync process improvements

June 22, 2022. Fluix app version 3.11

  • Released the Dark mode
  • Added the ability to create a copy of the Completed documents
  • Made annotations and comments visible in the Completed forms
  • Added signer’s email, date, and time to the handwritten signatures

January 27, 2022. Fluix app version 3.9

  • Added the ability to merge the workflow documents
  • Updated the options for viewing the PDFs
  • Fixed the issue when a dropdown couldn’t be opened upon tapping
  • Security improvements

November 25, 2021. Fluix app version 3.8

  • iOS 15 Compatibility fixes
  • Fixed the freeze of the image picker in PDFs
  • Ability to open the files from the Outgoing tab
  • Show the account name and the user name in the app
  • TaskStreams: Added Overview tab

May 24, 2021. Fluix app version 3.6

Introducing Fluix Taskstreams! Have all your to-do list items at hand. Сheck out web forms attached to specific tasks. Focus on your work and not on where the needed materials are located. (Functionality is enabled on a company level)

August 25, 2020. Fluix app version 3.1

  • New Thumbnail view in File Manager
  • Two-page view mode for PDF documents
  • Ability to collapse the sidebar
  • Drap & Drop to pin files
  • Fixed crash on Open-in from Other Apps

June 30, 2020. Fluix app version 3.0

  • Improved files list view
  • Extended file sorting
  • Enhanced drag & drop
  • Ability to choose page size upon printing
  • Disabled landscape view on iPhones
  • Fixed push messages

April 2, 2020. Fluix app version 2.42

  • Folders structure mirroring (enabled on demand). The option allows to mirror folders from the initial sources (Templates, Cabinet, Group Inbox) to Drafts, Completed and reassigned sections. This way a user can find a file they works with quicker.

March 10, 2020. Fluix app version 2.41

  • Ability to highlight empty fields in PDF document and navigate through them. The option will help user to ensure all necessary fields are filled out. The feature is enabled on a user level on device upon opening a document in the app.
  • Performance optimisations

December 4, 2019. Fluix version 2.38

  • Possibility to choose folders when opening files from other applications via Open-In file sharing option
  • Files can now be sorted by server and device dates
  • Grid view has been retuned
  • iOS 12 is set as minimum software version required

October 28, 2019. Fluix app version 2.37

  • New sections Incoming, In Progress and Finished added to the left side main menu for easier orientation
  • Possibility to pin most often used files and folders to provide quick and convenient access to them (Pinned section on the left side main menu)
  • Ability to instantly create copies of documents in Drafts initiated from Templates and avoid retyping the same information
  • Deleted Grid view

May 15, 2019. Fluix app version 2.34

  • Less effort to manually type in email addresses when submitting documents by sending them out via email – Fluix is now automatically suggesting email addresses based on the filled out PDF form entries
  • Files and folders can be sorted by name, receiving date, modification date and size across different menu sections
  • Search in PDF documents has been made smoother: search words are highlighted throughout the documents – even if the search box has been closed
  • Users can now easily move back to previously visited PDF pages on Fluix by using the back button
  • New annotation options added: patterns for dash-dotted lines and rotation of rectangles
  • New date format (yyyy-mm-dd)  added to the Naming Convention tool

January 4, 2019. Fluix iOS app version 2.32

  • Now information about the voided documents will be also added to the activity feed
  • If you submit a document via email, you will see some domain suggestions to minimize manual typing
  • Possibility to rotate images and annotations in the document on iOS devices
  • Possibility to add GPS coordinates to the photos added to a document via Fluix. Please note that this feature is not publicly available, but we can enable it for your company account upon request

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