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Third-party Storage

What cloud storage providers are supported in Tasks?

Fluix integrates with the following cloud storage providers:

Select the required storage as a destination place for the documents submitted through Taskstreams. Additionally, you can use it for storing fillable PDF files that can be added to Tasks as template forms.

We encourage you to consider and evaluate Fluix Built-in Cloud Storage as your primary document repository. Please note, that it can be connected as a network drive to your Windows or Mac workstations, and easily manipulated just like any other folder.

How to connect storage to Fluix

Cloud storage providers

To connect your company storage to Fluix taskstreams, please proceed to the Third-party Storage tab under the Menu section, click on the Connect Storage button and select the storage you want Fluix to grant access to.

You will see a sidebar with all the available storage providers to connect:

Upon choosing storage, you will be redirected to the storage authorization page to confirm granting access to Fluix.

Once done, navigate to the Taskstreams tab under the Menu section to create a task in which the files from your storage will be involved.

Connect storage to your taskstream directly while creating a new task. If the submit action Upload to Storage is selected, you will be prompted to choose the preferred storage from the ones that have been connected to your Fluix account earlier.

In case you do not yet have company storage, consider Fluix Built-in Cloud Storage.

In the Third-party Storage tab, under the Menu section, you may find the list of already connected storages along with the names of all the tasks where they are being utilized, their current statuses, and the option of connecting new storage.

Once the storage is connected, it may have different statuses:

Not in use status means that the storage is not used in any taskstream yet. To proceed, you need to create a task and add storage as a source or destination for your files.

Reauthorization required status appears when the storage got disconnected from Fluix. To reauthorize, please select the storage and click on Reauthorize.

Error status shows that there are some problems with the connection between your storage and Fluix. 

Supported WebDAV authentication methods

Fluix supports connecting to password-protected WebDAV resources over plain HTTP (insecure and not recommended) and HTTPS ( TLS 1.2). Basic, Digest, and NTLM authentication methods are supported.  

When using TLS 1.2 encryption, we recommend using Basic authentication — TLS 1.2 guarantees secure transmission of credentials without the overhead that Digest and NTLM authentication create.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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