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Do you support two-factor authentication for front- and back-ends?

We support two-factor authentication for Admin Portal. This option is enabled in Admin Portal and can’t be reverted. If enabled, Admins will be required to enter login, password and unique pin that will be sent to a cell phone when Admin is trying to access the portal. Fluix iPad/iPhone app users can enable Passkey Lock on their devices 

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How to lock access on the device that has been lost?

To lock access to Fluix on the device that has been lost:

  • Navigate to the Users tab under the Configuration section of Fluix Admin Portal
  • Find a user who owned the device and open user profile page
  • Delete the lost device from the list by clicking on the cross next to the device:

This will lead to automatic logout from the Fluix app on the device.

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Data encryption at rest and in motion

In Fluix, the data is encrypted at all stages:

1) Transfer from from third-party online storage to AWS

Secure data transfer from third-party online storage generally depends on the third-party server configuration. From the Fluix side we recommend to use ‘https’ protocols with TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocols. All major cloud storages that are supported by Fluix are using TLS 1.2 as well.

When uploading files using web browser, Fluix requires the browser to support TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocols. See security White Paper for the list of cypher-suites.

2) At rest in AWS
The data at rest at AWS is encrypted using AES-256, both on the database server and AWS S3 object storage.

3) Transfer from AWS to the user application

Fluix application, similarity to the web browser is using https protocol with TLS 1.2 to connect to Fluix (AWS)

4) At rest in user application

iOS version of Fluix leverages Apple iOS data protection. All data within the Fluix app is constantly encrypted using AES-256 cipher. Following the principle of least privilege, application assigns different protection classes to the files, ranging from Protected Until First User Authentication (similar properties to desktop full-volume encryption)  to Complete Protection (encrypting data within 10 seconds after device locked). See Platform Security Guide for details.

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Is Fluix compatible with our corporate MDM?

What is MDM:

Mobile device management (MDM) – is a corporate software tool that once installed on the employee’s device allows business owners and system administrators to take control over what is being performed on the company device and what kind of sources this device can reach. Furthermore, MDM allows you to set the company-wide policies like access management, file sharing, and app version control on all of your corporate devices simultaneously. The main goal of implementing the MDM is to optimize the functionality of your corporate device fleet and at the same time to keep the security and protection of the corporate network at the top priority.

What MDM allows to do:

  • Controlling app version distribution.
  • Making sure that all of your corporate equipment is configured to a coherent standard.
  • Updating applications, functions, or policies in an expandable manner.
  • Ensure that your users are using the software in compliance with your company’s policy.
  • Ensure that equipment performs properly.
  • Tracking and monitoring location, status, ownership, and activity of your equipment.
  • Being able to effectively perform diagnostics and troubleshoot equipment issues remotely.

Fluix supports all of the most popular MDM solutions like:

  1. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus.
  2. AirWatch Workspace ONE.
  3. BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management.
  4. Citric Endpoint Management.
  5. SOTI MobiControl.
  6. IBM MaaS360.
  7. Cisco Meraki.
  8. Miradore Mobile Device Management.
  9. Jamf Now.
  10. SimplySecure.

On top of that, you could pre-fill the user’s email on the Fluix login page using your corporate MDM. Follow the link below for more information.

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