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Workflow Configuration

For each workflow you can create separate configurations:

Save documents in the Completed section of the app — saves and stores every document that your end users submit on their devices and web app. Users cannot delete completed documents on their devices, however they can regulate their number in the app settings on iOS device. We recommend turning this setting off when working with sensitive data like credit card information or any other data your end users should not have constant access to.

Set due dates for the documents in a workflow — allows you to determine the due date for the document at the My Inbox, Group Inbox or Drafts stage on the user’s device. Once the due date comes, an Overdue label appears next to the document name and the email with a list of such overdue documents is sent. In addition, you can set up automatic email notifications that will remind your colleagues to take action upon the files that were sitting in Fluix for the period of time you indicate.

Set the frequency of digest emails — allows you to decide how often your users or/and admins will receive email notifications about files being overdue. For more information on how to set up such notifications visit the article on Email notifications.

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