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Forms Prefill in Fluix

Forms Prefill in forms is a new functionality in Fluix Taskstreams that allows you to automate the pre-population of data in forms and save users time on manual entry of data. 

Forms Prefill from Form to Form

In this case, pre-fill in forms is performed using the data from the form(s) completed in the previous task(s).

To set up such a flow in Fluix, you’ll need to follow the steps below.

1. Create a Taskstream with a process that includes a series of repetitive User tasks for your teams, and Forms Prefill action between them. Each team will be assigned a task containing fillable forms.

2. To configure the prefill from one form to another, in the Forms Prefill action, next to the form name click on the icon to open Prefill Configurator. There you will map the fields from the source form to a template to be prefilled.

By clicking on the field in a source form you will be suggested to match it with the field in the template form.

Also, it is possible to track field configuration in case there was more than one form in the previous task.

Use a simple dropdown menu to see and navigate the list of the forms from the previous task to use them as the data source for prefill. 

Once configured, save and publish the Taskstream, to make the data flow seamless and accurate.

Have any questions? Contact the Fluix team at and we’ll help you at any step of the setup.

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