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How to automate file naming

File naming challenge

The more documents your team generates, the more your company storage reminds a chaotic mess. And sooner or later an untitled document with other untitled documents in the folder will look more like a plastic bag stuffed with plastic bags rather than a coherent workflow.


The untitled horrible beauty looks familiar to you, doesn’t it? The reason for such kind of management weakness is pretty natural — people lack time for manual name typing each time the document is submitted. 

Naming convention: what it does?

Automation, you see, it’s a whole other thing. File naming convention is a systematic way of naming files by your field teams. Adding a file naming convention to your files not only prevents the problem of file disorganization but also opens up a wide range of benefits for both you and your team: 

  • Saved time on manual file entry on device. If you just calculate all the time your team spends on naming, renaming, or organizing documents, and then trying to find them, it will be something about 2 hours per day. Or even more.
  • Eliminating human error. When people are working on the field, they may not always pay attention to how they name their files and could make many mistakes by chance. 
  • Quick file search. File naming convention helps to identify the document content even without opening it.
  • Unified file structure. You can store your files and documents in a single folder without losing the logic and context. The relationships between your files will be coherent and cohesive.
  • No twins. Naming convention prevents file duplicates.

How naming convention works

The way how everything works in Fluix isn’t about rocket science. The main principle can be described in just two sentences: 

  • The first thing. You set up a naming convention in the file template and upload it to your storage folder, which is used in your workflow.
  • The second thing. Every time your team worker fills out fields in your pre-configured naming convention, the file gets its name automatically. Just easy!
Make a step towards automation!

Do you already have Fluix account? Then learn how to set up a file naming convention in Fluix in our step-by-step tutorial ‘File Naming Conventions’.

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