How to automate file naming

File naming challenge

The more documents your team generates, the more your company storage reminds a chaotic mess. And sooner or later an untitled document with other untitled documents in the folder will look more like a plastic bag stuffed with plastic bags rather than a coherent workflow.


The untitled horrible beauty looks familiar to you, doesn’t it? The reason for such kind of management weakness is pretty natural — people lack time for manual name typing each time the document is submitted. 

Naming convention: what it does?

Automation, you see, it’s a whole other thing. File naming convention is a systematic way of naming files by your field teams. Adding a file naming convention to your files not only prevents the problem of file disorganization but also opens up a wide range of benefits for both you and your team: 

How naming convention works

The way how everything works in Fluix isn’t about rocket science. The main principle can be described in just two sentences: 

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Do you already have Fluix account? Then learn how to set up a file naming convention in Fluix in our step-by-step tutorial ‘File Naming Conventions’.

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