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Add Users

How to Add a User?

You can add a user either from Quick Actions:

or by going to the Users tab under the Configuration section and clicking on the New User button.

Simply fill out the form below:

At this point, you can set a user password. To do that, uncheck the tickbox above and enter the password in the Set user password field. Please note that you can also define the password complexity for the users’ passwords. This option is available in the Configuration -> Security.

If a user participates in a couple of accounts, then he or she will use one password for all accounts.

Invitation Email

Once added to the Fluix account, a user will be sent an email invitation to access Fluix via iPad, iPhone, and web application.

In case the added user didn’t receive the invitation email, you will receive the automatic email notification saying that the system didn’t accept the email address. Please, double-check the address and if that didn’t help, email us at for assistance.

Resend Invite

If you need to resend the invite to a user who never logged into his account, you can do that from the Users section:

The invitation to access Fluix will be sent again to the selected user who hasn’t logged into the application yet.

Was it helpful? Learn how to add Users in bulk in the next article or contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

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