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Add Users in Bulk

To save time on adding users to Fluix, we recommend doing it by uploading a CSV file.

Here’s a detailed guide:

1. Collect users’ names and last names, email addresses and group they have to belong to (optional).

2. Open a Google Spreadsheet (or any other tool that can export this file in a CSV format) and create 2 columns: User Name and Email. If you would like to assign users to groups automatically, add a third column – Group Name (optional). Fill the document in with users’ information.

3. Download the file in CSV format (in Spreadsheets via File -> Download AsCSV)

4. In Fluix admin portal go to Configuration-> Users -> Import/Export dropdown -> Import Users via CSV button:

5. In the right sidebar upload the CSV document by clicking on Browse CSV File:

6. Once CSV file is uploaded, you will see a list of users from the document, select the ones you want to add or click on Import all:

Was it helpful? Learn more about User Details in the next article or contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

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