Push to Workflow

Push documents from Other Apps to workflows in Fluix

You can open documents on iPad or iPhone using different applications, from Safari or Google apps to mail apps and immediately push them to a pre-configured workflow.

To see how it works, set up the workflow on the Fluix web admin portal.

You need to create a new workflow by selecting Other Apps as a document source. Then, choose the submit rule.

If there is more than one workflow configured to accept documents from Other Apps, then users will get a list of the workflows to choose from on the iPad or iPhone. Just name the workflows accordingly.

When workflows are created, click Publish to activate them.

Document flow on the iPad/iPhone

Select a document on your iPad or iPhone that you want to push to Fluix. The document might come from any mobile app (Dropbox, Box etc), web app, or your email. Tap the sharing icon in the upper right corner and choose ‘Open in Fluix’.

In the the pop-up message choose Push to Workflow.

If there is more than one workflow configured for this user to accept documents from external applications, then user will get a list of such workflows to choose from:

The document will then be placed under the ‘In Work’ tab.

Once you open the document, Submit button will appear with the upper right corner with the submit actions pre-configured by your company administrator.

Once the document is submitted, it will then be moved to Completed or Sent (in case it was reassigned to the next participant of the workflow).

If you choose Save a Local Copy option on the pop-up message below, the document will be saved to the ‘Documents’ tab and NO automatic submit actions will be applicable to it.

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