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8.2. File Naming Convention

File naming convention helps you add automatic file naming to the documents that your field team works with on their devices. This tool will save you a lot of time compared to manual typing a document name each time it is submitted.

Here’s how to add file naming convention in Fluix:

1. Follow to the Fluix Storage tab on the Documents section of Admin Portal and click on Naming Convention:

2. Upload a PDF form you want to add a naming convention to.

3. Once the file is uploaded, you will see all the fields from the PDF form available to create a naming convention. Select the ones you want to use in the file name:

4. You can also add system variables, such as Base File Name (initial name of the template that will be used on devices), User Name, Email, Date and Time when the document was submitted by a user.

5. When done, click Save Changes and choose to either save the document in Fluix Storage or download it locally to your computer:

6. Upload the document to a folder that is used as a source in a workflow.

Now your field workers will use this document as a template form on their devices. Each time they fill out fields that are used in naming convention, the document name will change automatically. If a user tries to manually rename the document before submit, he will get an error message saying You’re not allowed to rename this file due to company policy, please contact your Fluix admin for more details if needed.

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