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Fluix Cloud Storage

Fluix built-in cloud storage makes it easy for you to organize and manage documents in your department or entire organization. You can use Fluix storage in the workflows both as a document source for templates and as a destination place for submitted documents.

Fluix storage is managed directly via Fluix Admin Portal under the Configuration section.

To start with, you can use the template forms in the Fluix Library of Templates folder or upload your own documents that will be later used in the workflows and circulate between users.

How to Upload and Manage Documents

To upload your own files click on the Upload Files button in the top right corner or simply drag & drop them from your computer.

To build your folder structure create different folders with the New Folder button in the top right corner.

Please, note that upon folder renaming its modification date will be changed accordingly, along with modification date of other folders and files inside the renamed folder.

The maximum allowed file size is 400MB. If a file exceeds maximum allowed size limit (400 MB), it will not get synced to the users’ app.

How to Restore Deleted Documents

Click on the Show Deleted button to see the documents that were deleted either by the admin or user. The deleted documents will appear in the list with the tag Deleted. To restore the deleted document, select it and click Restore. You can also delete it permanently:

The deleted documents are stored on the Amazon servers for a number of days, configured in the Security Settings of your account (under the Configuration section). By default the deleted documents are stored during 365 days. Caution: permanently deleted document can not be restored.

Access to Storage

The access to the Fluix Storage is regulated in the Roles tab under the Configuration section. Simply add a New Role -> select Storage Manager from the list -> select a user -> choose whether the user will have access to the entire storage or just particular folders, also check the actions the user will be authorized to take and save changes.

The users, provided with the rights above will be able to access Fluix Storage by logging into Fluix browser version at


Storage space comes as a part of our solution and is included in all plans, so you can actually save money on paying for external cloud storages. In the Starter plan the available space is 5GB, Core plan — 10 GB and custom terms are agreed in the Advanced plan. Used space can be checked in the Remote Storages tab under the Configuration section. You can get more space if needed, just drop us a line.

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