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How to Send a Document for Online Signature?

To send a document for online signing, please follow the next steps:

1. Log in to Fluix on your iPad, iPhone or web browser.

2. Open a document to be signed, fill it out and tap Submit button in the top right-hand side corner.

Only documents containing a valid digital signature field can be sent for signing. If such a field is not present in the form, you won’t be able to email the document for signature and you’ll see the error message: ‘There is no signature field in this document, hence the recipient won’t be able to sign it and return to you afterwards.’

In case a signer has to only sign a document and is not expected to make any changes, choose Sign Only to restrict editing of the document. If you want signer to fill out other fields:

3. In the popup window enter signer’s email address. Please note that only one recipient can be added per document. If you made an error in the email address, upon every next entering of address the dropdown list will include it. To avoid that, you can delete it by swiping left on the address.

4. The signer will receive an email with the link to the document to be signed. By default, the link is available during 4 days. One day prior to expiration the reminder will be sent to the signer. However, you can add custom period for reminders by tapping on Reminder. 

5. Also, you add a personal comment to accompany the document. In case you send similar comments to your customers, you can save them to Templates and use each time you send a document. Please note that the templates are saved on the device locally and are not synced between your devices you use to work with Fluix.

6. Tap Send.

After the document is dispatched, you will see a new tab Sent for Signature where a copy of the sent file is stored:

A signer will receive the following email about a document that needs to be signed:

Once the signer clicks Open and Sign, the document is opened in the browser on any device. To sign a document, the signer will need to type the name in the signature field. From there, signer has 3 choices under ActionsSend document back to sender, Save and Finish Later or Decline to Sign.

After the document has been successfully signed, a signed version of the document is returned to Fluix and appears in My Inbox marked as Signed.

In addition, the email is sent both to the signer and sender of the document.

If signer declines signing of the document, it is pushed back to My Inboxand marked as Declined.

In case the signer didn’t have chance to sign and return the document back before the link in the email expired, the document will be returned to the sender’s app, My Inbox section, with status Expired. In that case a user can send the document for signature once again.

Document retraction

If a document needs to be retracted, proceed to the Sent for Signaturesection-> select the file -> tap Void:

There admins can also void the documents from the Admin Portal, in the Document Status section.

The retracted file will no longer be available for the signer and will appear in My Inbox. 

Continue with signed documents in the workflow

Once the document returns to the sender to My Inbox, it can be sent further as per pre-configured workflow rule: emailed to other participants of the workflow, uploaded to company storage, etc. Once the document is submitted to its final destination, it will land in the Completed tab on the device.

You can also watch a video on how to collect signature online.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

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