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May 21, 2020 – Get control over document flow

Based on statistics, a worker spends 2.5 hours per day, looking for information. Not to mention job delays caused by a document being stuck with a colleague who’s not available at the moment. You can eliminate this time waste with Fluix Document Status.

Track team activity in real time
Assign the job to any team member promptly
Control document flow of the entire project
View and download a file copy whenever needed


Apply Filters for better grouping


Select the Date range to narrow down the search


Restore the document if it was deleted by mistake


Reassign a document to another worker



We do hear your feedback and are happy to improve your experience. Get even more information at fingertips with the improved Document History:

Do you prefer to work with data in charts and graphs? Email to to share your input.
Check out our Knowledge base article about Document Status and History.
Stay safe and take care 😊
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